How to use Vivaldi Tab Stacks

The Vivaldi browser Tab Stacks feature is a must-use for anyone looking to stay as organized as possible.

How to use Vivaldi Tab Stacks

The Vivaldi web browser has many features that make this app incredibly useful. Some features boost productivity, while others keep you better organized, like Tab Stacks.

Tab Stacks are a convenient way to stack related tabs together so that you don't wind up with a massive row of open tabs, which can lead to confusion as to where each tab is located. To solve that problem, you stack your tabs. For example, you could place all of your social networking tabs together, all your research tabs together, and all your work tabs together. With these conglomerations, you won't find yourself with a web browser whose tabs are so small that you can't discern what's what.

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Using Tab Stacks

How do you use Tab Stacks? Let me show you.

Open Vivaldi and then open the tabs you want to stack together. Once you have those tabs open, click one of the tabs and drag it to a related tab. This can be tricky because if you move the tab too far, it'll simply shift the other tab. So, you just touch the related tabs together and release.

To switch between the stacked tabs, hover over the stack and select the tab thumbnail you want to view. To unstack tabs, hover over the stack, click one of the tab thumbnails, and drag it out of the stack.

And that's all there is to using Vivaldi's Tab Stack feature. If you're looking for a browser that does a great job of helping you stay organized, you can't go wrong with Vivaldi and Tab Stacks.

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