How Vodafone hopes to spur IoT growth by expanding Narrowband-IoT network

At MWC Americas 2018, TechRepublic spoke with Ludo Fassati, Head of IoT in the Americas at Vodafone about the company's plans to expand it's LPWA Narrowband-IoT (NB-IoT) network, which is designed to affordably and securely connect IoT devices, even underground or underwater.

How Vodafone hopes to spur IoT growth by expanding Narrowband-IoT network

TechRepublic's Teena Maddox spoke with Ludo Fassati, Head of IoT in the Americas at Vodafone, about the company's latest plans for affordable and secure connectivity underground or underwater, by an expansion of LPWA Narrowband-IoT (NB-Iot).

Ludo Fassati; We just released the news around narrow band IoT, that is a low-power technology for connecting things, where we're going to double-out antennas in across our footprint. We currently have 10 markets where we launch narrow band IoT. Narrow band IoT is actually a technology, is the first network that is actually built to connect things. In the past, networks were built to connect people. And this network allows basically two major skills. One is a very low consumption of battery, and that's so you can actually connect things that need to be plugged to a power source, and the second thing is that it has a very high penetration. The network would get underground for one or two floors, underground under the water, so you could connect things that we never thought we could connect, like parking lots or sensor meters, that are under the ground, or in mining industries, and stuff like that. We could finally connect all of those things in an efficient way, secure way. And, actually, also cheap; like as this network, we limited the amount of data you can send, it keeps the price of the solution pretty good.

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We expect that to unlock a big potential in IoT, in lots of things that are actually, today, not connected, because it doesn't make sense, or it's not possible to connect it. So this is, we expect, a huge bump in our connectivity volumes as voted for this today; the leader was with the 74-million connections today, the global leader in IoT. We now expect a lot of those connections to ramp up even quicker than today, thanks to this new technology.

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