Close up of different electronic gadgets and mobile devices.
Image: StackCommerce

From smartwatches to laptops, most devices are worth quite a lot of money. Spill your coffee or leave something behind, and you could be forking out four figures for a replacement — and unable to work. You can avoid that with Akko Electronic Protection.

This service offers complete peace of mind, covering your phone along with 25 other devices for damage, loss and theft. It’s normally priced at $168/year, but you can get protection today for only $142 in a special deal at TechRepublic Academy.

Even if you take great care of your devices, accidents happen. It only takes one slip to crack the screen of a $1,000 smartphone, and one unfortunate encounter to lose several devices to a petty criminal. With Akko’s Everything Protected Plan, you won’t be out of pocket. This cover-all insurance lets you claim back the cost of repairs and replacement for a vast range of electronic devices.

You can put one smartphone and 25 other devices on a single account, including computers, cameras, audio and gaming gear, and counter-top kitchen appliances. You can also cover stuff like clothing, bikes and scooters, and even important school supplies.

Every item that is registered on your account is covered for accidental damage, physical and electronic failures, malfunctions, theft, loss and vandalism. You can make unlimited claims, and the deductibles range from $29 to $99 per claim.

Most claims are resolved by the next day, and Akko sends payments online for quick reimbursements. Order today for $142 to get 12 months’ peace of mind with Akko and save 15% on the regular yearly price.

Prices and availability are subject to change.