A woman using and typing on Apple MacBook Pro laptop computer on the table in office, Chiang mai Thailand
Image: Farknot Architect/Adobe Stock

We’re always looking for apps and software to streamline our lives. So when your computer isn’t up to the challenge of churning through your work, it can be highly frustrating.

That comes down to properly maintaining and cleaning your computer, which is a breeze with Intego Washing Machine X9, an all-in-one cleaning suite for Mac.

The Intego Washing Machine X9 is really just like a washing machine for your Mac. It works on macOS 10.12 or later and goes deep into your system to help you reclaim space and efficiency on your device by locating unwanted files. It gets rid of the junk files that slow down your Mac as well as duplicate files and programs that you never use.

Worried about deleting too much? Washing Machine lets you customize your deletion criteria to give you a level of cleaning appropriate for your system and your concern of deleting something you didn’t want to by accident. You can also choose what types of files you want to reclaim with just the flip of a switch.

In addition to cleaning your computer up and helping you locate the files that slow it down, the Intego Washing Machine can automatically organize your heap of Desktop files into the correct folders to help you reduce some of the clutter that can cause you to get overwhelmed.

Give your Mac the kind of care it deserves so that you can do your best work. For a limited time, you can get a one-time lifetime purchase of Intego Washing Machine X9 for half off $40 at just $19.99.

Prices and availability are subject to change.