A fullstack developer writing code.
Image: StackCommerce

When it comes to technology, we’re all at different levels. Some of us still can’t figure out how to pair our phones with a Bluetooth speaker; some of us are expert coders trying to draw traffic to mobile apps; some of us are squarely in the middle.

If you want to take your tech skills to the next level and learn how to build and manage websites from scratch, delve into the nine courses in The Learn to Code Full Stack Developer Certification Bundle while it’s on sale. It provides a hands-on guide through full stack development via project-based education that will have you building your own sites in no time.

The more beginner-friendly courses will introduce you to object-oriented programming with C# and .NET Core, as well as Microsoft SQL Server for managing data effectively. Here, you’ll also get familiar with HTML and PHP for frontend design, and you’ll discover ways to make your site more interactive for users.

You’ll also learn advanced Python techniques, understand how to build applications with C# and learn how to leverage MySQL with Python, and there’s a complete course on using Angular to create a web app, teaching you how to implement a sleek, modern user interface that will amplify your end users’ experiences.

If you want to learn to code this year, then stop making excuses and learn to code! Right now, you can get The Learn to Code Full Stack Developer Certification Bundle for just $38.99. That’s less than $5/class, and you won’t have to go out in traffic to study on your own time.

Prices and availability are subject to change.