JavaScript concept vector illustration.
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If you’ve always wanted to build your own website from scratch, you need to know JavaScript. Once upon a time, that may have entailed expensive night classes or enrolling in a college program. Today, all you need is a few bucks and your computer. We have a host of outstanding JavaScript courses available in TechRepublic Academy, so all you have to do is find what makes the most sense for you.

Learning Functional JavaScript

This basic 2-hour course will introduce you to the building blocks of the functional programming paradigm. You’ll explore concepts like higher-order functions, partial application and more as you build UI components and implement your own higher-order functions.

Get Learning Functional JavaScript for $10 (reg. $74), a savings of 86%.

JavaScript Master Class

This extensive course includes 30 hours of content and 70 hands-on exercises to help you get up to speed with JavaScript basics. You’ll learn a number of JavaScript libraries, get familiar with ES6 features and know how to become a front-end, back-end or full-stack developer.

Get the JavaScript Master Class for $10.99 (reg. $99), a savings of 89%.

JavaScript Crash Course

This 24-hour crash course is aimed at aspiring web designers. You’ll get introduced to React, learning how to create a project, write React components, build ReactJS websites and much more. You’ll be able to set up APIs to increase your site’s interactivity and master web design in a matter of time.

Get the JavaScript Crash Course for $10.99 (reg. $438), a savings of 97%.

The JavaScript Beginner Bootcamp Course

Want to take a little longer as a beginner? This 20-hour course takes its time to make sure you really understand concepts as you progress through project-based content. You’ll dig deep into how JavaScript really works, create an interactive webpage to deploy to the web and more.

Get The JavaScript Beginner Bootcamp Course for $12.99 (reg. $200), a savings of 93%.

The Full Stack JavaScript Developer E-Degree Bundle

You probably won’t find a better deal than this anywhere. For just $20, you’ll get more than 50 hours of beginner-friendly JavaScript training, 30 hands-on projects and hundreds of code snippets of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more to streamline your future development — rated 4.5/5 stars by verified purchasers.

Get The Full Stack JavaScript Developer E-Degree Bundle for $19.99 (reg. $182), a savings of 89%.

The Complete Full-Stack JavaScript Course

Start your journey toward full-stack development with this 21-hour course. After you’ve gotten a little familiar with JavaScript, this bundle will start you working on projects using ReactJS, NodeJS, LoopbackJS, Redux, and more important add-ons and libraries.

Get The Complete Full-Stack JavaScript Course for $28 (reg. $200), a savings of 86%.

The Comprehensive JavaScript Bundle

Rated 5/5 stars by verified purchasers, this extensive bundle will give you a beginner-friendly introduction to JavaScript before accelerating to more advanced topics. You’ll learn how to build a variety of web applications over the coursework.

Get The Comprehensive JavaScript Bundle for $31 (reg. $1,492), a savings of 97%.

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