illustration of the Linux penguin on a desktop monitor on a desk
Image: StackCommerce

While most computers run on Windows or macOS, the majority of development tools and cloud platforms use a different system: Linux. If you want to understand this open-source operating system, the Linux/UNIX Certification Training Bundle is an essential purchase.

Featuring two full-length courses, the bundle shows you how to keep your cloud apps and databases running smoothly. It’s normally priced at $2,195, but you can pick up the training today for only $49 over at TechRepublic Academy.

On a surface level, it would probably be fair to say that Linux isn’t as polished as the operating systems from Microsoft and Apple. But under the hood, it’s much more capable and secure.

For this reason, the open-source OS has long been the tool of choice among developers, server admins, cloud architects and cybersecurity experts. If your business operates in any of these fields, learning your way around the system is a smart move.

The Linux/UNIX Certification Training Bundle provides the ideal education. Through concise tutorials, the two included courses introduce you to the key features of Linux and the underlying UNIX kernel.

Along the way, you’ll discover how to configure hardware, set up basic networks, run time-saving scripts and set up strong security. You’ll also learn how to manage files and storage space and install all of the software you need.

This knowledge can help you make key decisions about your tech stack and give you hands-on experience with product development. It allows you to step in and troubleshoot any problems that might crop up as well.

Order today for just $49 to get one year of on-demand access to both courses in the bundle, saving a massive 97% on the total price.

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