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Today during its Data Unlocked event, Matillion announced its latest product: the Data Productivity Cloud. This cloud-based data platform is designed to make data business-ready and simplify data task management, unifying various data operations and integrating customers’ full tech stacks. In this report, learn more about the release along with insights from Matillion founder and CEO, Matthew Scullion.

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Key features of Matillion Data Productivity Cloud

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Historically, collecting and storing data hasn’t been a company’s biggest lift; it’s typically more challenging to make data fit for purpose and to effectively integrate it into business operations, especially with legacy data systems and processes that no longer work. Matillion recognized this problem and decided to develop the Data Productivity Cloud, a cloud data platform and ecosystem that aims to make data business-ready more quickly and efficiently.

“60 to 85% of [data] work is making the data business-ready to fuel those business intelligence, AI and machine learning, and operational intelligence use cases,” said Scullion. “So that’s what the Data Productivity Cloud is. It’s a platform of services that allow our customers to load, transform, orchestrate and synchronize their data in their quest to make it business-ready faster.”

These are some of the key features that Data Productivity Cloud offers in efforts to make data business-ready:

  • Low-code/no-code functionality: A wizard-based, low-code/no-code approach to custom connectors for data loading.
  • Integrations: Simple integrations and connectors with hyperscalers: cloud data platforms; and cloud-based business applications like SAP, Workday, and Anaplan.
  • Live data clone testing for DataOps teams: One of the first tools to offer support for Snowflake Zero Copy Clone.
  • Matillion Unlimited Scale: Secure, serverless remote runners that support data workflow scaling directly in company cloud environments.

All of these features work together to help Matillion achieve its goal of offering a data platform that is “stack-ready, future-ready, and everybody-ready”. Below, we break down what each of these three “ready” statements means for Data Productivity Cloud users.

Becoming “stack-ready” with comprehensive ecosystem integration

One of Matillion’s main goals is to offer a platform that is stack-ready, creating the Data Productivity Cloud to be natively compatible with a wide variety of cloud platforms and applications.

Beyond simply developing a cloud-based data platform that works well with other cloud tools, Matillion emphasizes that stack-ready also means deeply integrating the platform with a customer’s entire cloud ecosystem:

“The place where people are innovating and competing with data today is in the cloud,” said Scullion. “And so the technology, of course, needs to be cloud-first, born on and built in the cloud. [It] also needs to deeply integrate with the underlying hyperscaler — [like] AWS, Azure and Google Cloud — and with the cloud data platform — [like] Snowflake, Databricks and Amazon Redshift — as well as with the rest of the ecosystem of technologies that the customer wants to use.”

Matillion customers, then, should expect that the Data Productivity Cloud will integrate with their existing cloud technologies. But more than that, they should expect an end-to-end integration that offers comprehensive data operations in one tool.

“Matillion provides all the services required to make data useful across load, transform, orchestrate and synchronize but also was built for and deeply integrates with the rest of the modern data ecosystem all in one place. And that is unique in the industry. There are plenty of other companies doing a bit of the story — maybe they load data, maybe they can do orchestration — but there isn’t another platform that can go from end to end and also do that in a way that’s not a walled garden”.

Scaling data operations with a “future-ready” data platform

Data use cases and projects have evolved dramatically in recent years, especially as more companies are leaning on data for machine learning, artificial intelligence and customer experience initiatives. To keep up with these data demands, companies need cloud data storage and management platforms that help them to work with data more efficiently, but more than that, they need platforms that can scale as their datasets and data complexities grow.

With this release, Matillion hopes to offer a “future-ready” platform that will help companies quickly and efficiently scale their data, preparing for use cases they don’t yet know are on the horizon. Matillion Unlimited Scale is one such differentiating factor that is included in the Data Productivity Cloud.

Ensuring data systems and processes are “everybody-ready”

As data-driven business projects increase across the board, the data science talent pool is struggling to keep up with the demand. Much like other data companies on the scene today, Matillion is tackling this problem by democratizing data with an “everybody-ready” approach to the Data Productivity Cloud.

“Making the data business-ready … it’s a huge lift, and there’s not enough of us to do it,” admitted Scullion. “Each of us isn’t able to move that fast because we’re constrained by primitive technologies and our own skills and time. So what we really need is a platform where everybody who wants to make data business-ready can do so in the way that they want to do it and as productively as possible.”

He specifically noted that the platform is compatible with the goals of everyone from the data engineer to the DataOps team to the business analyst. Matillion Data Productivity Cloud offers a combination of low-code/no-code functionality with the freedom to code or personalize any step of the data lifecycle management process.

“Ultimately, we can’t make the world’s data useful on our own. There’s just too much data and too much work, so bringing more people into the pass rush is the way to solve that. And the Data Productivity Cloud is designed to do that.”

About Matillion

Matillion has been a leader in the data productivity solutions space since 2015 when the company first launched its Matillion ETL product. Since then, Matillion has discovered additional data pain points, both in its own workflows and its customers’ experiences, that have necessitated a solution like the Data Productivity Cloud.

“We’ve really been working toward the launch of the Data Productivity Cloud for years,” said Matthew Scullion, founder and CEO of Matillion.

“Through our own experiences, our partners, and — most importantly — our customers, we’ve come to learn over the past seven years a lot more about the needs of organizations to make data productive faster.”

The new Data Productivity Cloud aims to alleviate data obstacles in business operations and joins forces with Matillion’s other products: Matillion ETL and Matillion Data Loader.

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