mobile pixels duex max and portable keyboard
Image: StackCommerce

It’s summer, and remote work has taken over the world. Why would you want to be stuck at your home office desk all day? We’re all looking for tips to make our working lives better, but sometimes the best advice is to just get out of the office.

A change of scenery can do anyone good, no matter what line of work you’re in. But, if you’re heading to a coffee shop or library or taking a trip to work abroad, you need to make sure you have the tools to help you be successful from anywhere. The Mobile Pixels Duex Max + Portable Keyboard Bundle has you covered.

This bundle is optimized for remote workers. The highlight is the Duex Max, one of the smartest portable monitors you’ll find anywhere. This travel-friendly, ultra-durable monitor offers a simple plug-and-play connection to your laptop to give you an efficient dual monitor setup absolutely anywhere. It’s lightweight and energy-efficient, so you can work on two screens at once.

The Duex Max lets you set up your second screen in landscape mode, portrait mode, presentation mode, kickstand mode, and even an eye-care mode to protect your eyes from blue light emission, giving you complete control over how you work. Plus, it offers wide compatibility with both laptops and other devices via Bluetooth. You can even connect a Nintendo Switch.

If you’re using a tablet to connect to your Duex Max, the portable keyboard will be a huge boon, too. Slim, foldable and travel-friendly, the keyboard connects to up to three devices via Bluetooth and offers silent keys for a less distracting work experience.

Make remote work a lot easier. Right now, you can get the Mobile Pixels Duex Max + Portable Keyboard Bundle for 7% off $368 at just $342.99.

Prices and availability are subject to change.