A businessperson wearing the Mymanu CLIK S earbuds
Image: StackCommerce

Most earbuds provide a simple service: they deliver sound from your devices to your ears. But, what if they could do more? Well, the Mymanu CLIK S earbuds actually can.

These award winners offer live translation in over 37 languages, meaning you can have conversations in real time and explore new cultures without spending years in a classroom. They normally retail for $220, but in a special double-price drop for our loyal readers, you can get them for only $99 at TechRepublic Academy.

Thanks to machine learning, translation technology has improved drastically over the past few years. Today, it’s possible to follow along with a live conversation in a completely foreign language, meaning you can easily ask directions, order at restaurants, and make new friends.

With the Mymanu CLIK S earbuds, you can access this technology without even touching your phone. Previously honored at the Red Dot and CES Innovation Awards, these true wireless earbuds provide live translations of one-on-one and group conversations.

The companion MyJuno app can deliver these translations either as speech or text. This means you can quickly deliver a reply in person, or save information for later via the built-in clipboard. In addition, the app has a useful built-in dictionary and phrasebook.

The Mymanu earbuds are just as useful when you get home. With a tap, you can enjoy HD-quality music and podcasts for 30 hours on a full charge. You can also receive calls on the go and keep track of notifications, and the earbuds have a water-resistant design that makes them perfect for workouts.

Normally priced at $220, the Mymanu CLIK S earbuds had already fallen to $157. But in this final price drop, you can get them for just $99 with a charging case included.

Prices and availability are subject to change.