A user translating using the NEWYES Scan Reader.
Image: StackCommerce

The world is flat these days, and people are communicating and doing business across oceans more than ever, so it helps to understand other languages. You can’t just magically know another language, but with the NEWYES Scan Reader, you can translate text almost like magic.

This multifunctional, multipurpose scanner pen works as a text and voice translator, dictionary, voice recorder and MP3 player in one device. It’s great for students or professionals with dyslexia, for readers who need a dictionary from time to time and for anybody doing business internationally. The state-of-the-art device can translate up to 112 languages accurately, with a scan rate of 3,000 characters per minute and a 0.3-second translation speed. It offers an accuracy rate as high as 98%, and it also supports nine UI languages, 55 OCR languages, and 112 text and voice translation languages.

The NEWYES is handy as a time-saving device by capturing and saving texts instantly, transferring them to your computer via USB so you can access it later. If you’re working with a paper document and want a digital rendering of certain parts of the text, NEWYES has you covered. As an audio recorder, you can make voice notes or record meetings and conversations to listen back to later and save your memory in the moment.

The convenient, portable device fits easily in your pocket so you can use it absolutely anywhere and at any time. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, student, lawyer or practically anything else, you’ll find a handy use for this scanner pen.

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