Internet of things - IOT concept. Businessman offer IOT products and solutions. Young businessman select the abstract chip with text IoT on the virtual display.
Image: putilov_denis/Adobe Stock

The Internet of Things has changed the way we work, play and interact with the world, and if you’re interested in incorporating more efficient systems into your life and work, The Ultimate Embedded Systems Mastery Bundle 2022 will help you do it.

You’ll learn how to build your own IoT dashboard to control home appliances remotely, explore the principles of LCD and LUA programming, begin to code in C++ and build prototypes for IoT devices with minimal experience. The project-based Raspberry Pi courses will help you build a smart dustbin, a GPS tracking system and more as you get familiar with how these futuristic technologies work.

Additionally, you’ll also take a deep dive into the Asus Tinker Board, learning how to use the tinker board as a full-fledged PC. You’ll learn the basic Linux commands you’ll need to create and command the board and work on several automation projects to fortify your understanding of this IoT device.

Take your IoT skillset into the future with The Ultimate Embedded Systems Mastery Bundle 2022. For a limited time, you can get all five courses for just $19.99.

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