There are some hidden Android features that, when used properly, can make a huge impact on how your device serves you. One such feature is text message signatures. With these, you can add a bit of text that will appear at the bottom of every text message you send. You can add your website address or company name — anything you like. It’s easy to use and, in the end, can help grow your brand.

Before you use message signatures, here are two simple warnings. First, if you are concerned about data overages, you might shy away from adding too much to a signature (you can only add text). Second, use discretion so that you don’t annoy the people who receive your messages. You don’t want an entire manifesto appended to the bottom of every text you write. Though it looks like you can only add a single line of text, you can actually add as much as you like… so, be kind.

Here’s how to set this up.

Open up the messaging client and then tap the menu button (this must be done from within the messaging client main window, not an individual message). Next, locate the entry for Message signature and tap to enable it (Figure A).

Figure A

Adding a messaging signature on a Verizon-branded Droid Turbo.

Once you’ve enabled the signature, the Edit signature field will become available. Tap it, and then add the signature you wish to include at the end of every text (Figure B).

Figure B

Adding a web address as a signature can get you more traffic.

Now, when you send a message, that signature will appear at the bottom of the message. Note: You can erase the signature on a per-message basis (in case you don’t want to include it to a specific contact).

Message signatures aren’t game changers, but they can go a long way to help integrate your business with your Android messaging. Be creative so that you can draw more traction to your company, service, or blog.

What kind of information, if any, do you provide with your message signatures? Share your experience in the discussion thread below.