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Today, Riverbed released Alluvio IQ, a cloud-native SaaS solution that promises to optimize and simplify unified observability objectives for customers. This release follows the announcement of the Riverbed Alluvio portfolio in April and a successful beta release of Alluvio IQ in May. Read on to learn more about what this service offers and how it could impact data democratization on your IT team and within your broader organization.

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Fast facts on Riverbed Alluvio IQ

Alluvio IQ is the first service that has been released for the Alluvio Unified Observability platform, which was announced in April 2022. Both Alluvio IQ and the Unified Observability platform exist within the Alluvio by Riverbed portfolio. Here’s what we know about Alluvio IQ so far:

Applies network performance and user experience data across digital experiences

Alluvio IQ’s primary goal is to reduce the noise enterprises face in observability efforts across user, network and application data points.

IQ focuses on applying full-fidelity network performance, full-fidelity telemetry and end-user experience data across enterprise channels. From there, the service uses AI and machine learning to contextualize data and send the most relevant alerts to appropriate stakeholders in the business.

Alluvio IQ appears to take the “unified” part of unified observability seriously. The platform is expected to be capable of analyzing more than 10 million data points per minute across end user, network and application data. Its comprehensive coverage and speed could be particularly valuable for companies that need visibility into remote and hybrid work environments.

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Approaches automation differently

Automation is an important part of the unified observability market, especially as enterprises increasingly invest in these solutions to alleviate the daily pressures placed on skilled IT professionals. With the release of Alluvio IQ, Riverbed aims to offer a unified observability solution that gets even more granular with observability data, primarily through new automation efforts that simplify observability for less-experienced employees.

Alluvio IQ goes beyond time-based metrics for its event correlation features, offering automation that addresses a variety of important business metrics. Data collection is optimized and automated across time, device, location and application, meaning companies can create more specific workflows based on which metrics mean most to them.

Emerges as part of the Alluvio by Riverbed portfolio

Alluvio IQ is part of the Alluvio by Riverbed portfolio. Other enterprise tech solutions covered in this portfolio include:

  • Network performance management
  • IT infrastructure monitoring
  • Digital experience management
  • Application performance management
  • End user experience monitoring

Alluvio IQ and the observability market

Alluvio IQ is the latest entrant in the quickly growing observability market, which is projected to reach a global value of $19.38 billion by 2024, according to Statista. Among observability solutions, unified observability options are gaining steam as companies increasingly look for ways to unify their IT stacks and decrease IT tool sprawl. Some of the most important benefits of unified observability include reduced MTTR, improved resolution rates and increased agility.

Through the release of Alluvio IQ, Riverbed is working to expand on what enterprise users can expect from unified observability solutions.

Dan Smoot, CEO of Riverbed, had this to say about the Alluvio IQ release and the observability market as a whole:

“Observability today has evolved in the market to deal beyond the challenges of application monitoring, testing and management,” Smoot said. “As IT teams continue to face issues managing complex, highly distributed environments, Riverbed saw the need for a broader definition and approach to solve an expanded set of challenges. We believe a unified approach to observability is key to enabling organizations to keep pace with digital transformation by transforming massive amounts of data into actionable insights that drive enterprise performance and deliver exceptional digital experiences.”

Shifting left: Alluvio IQ for greater data democratization

Perhaps the most exciting factor of this new release is its goal to support organizations as they “shift left,” moving toward greater data democratization across their staff. Historically, an organization’s seasoned IT and data professionals have spent their most valuable hours handling tedious tactical work rather than supporting strategic company efforts. Companies found themselves in a situation in which only these professionals had the experience and access necessary to solve most problems.

Alluvio IQ has been designed to automate, streamline and simplify digital experience management so more junior team members can better support these experts. Like many other unified observability solutions, Alluvio IQ is pursuing improved first-level resolution rates; this means providing the necessary support infrastructure for less-experienced professionals to solve problems and escalate events only when necessary.

The feature that bodes best for new enterprise efficiencies and data democratization is Alluvio IQ’s automated investigative workflows. These workflows intend to automate noise filtering, escalation reduction, priority setting and a variety of other skills that have previously only resided in the IT experts’ minds.

Alluvio IQ offers a promising solution for IT tool sprawl and undertooled junior staff. Although it seems to offer many of the same benefits as other unified observability options, early reports indicate that its automation and flexible metrics options are worth the risks of early adoption.

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