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For most companies these days, working with Facebook in some capacity is a necessary evil. The social media giant may not always do right by its users, but it remains one of the most effective digital advertising marketplaces on the planet.

Whether you’re growing a company from scratch or you’re looking for ways to stand out at your current company, learning Facebook marketing is a step in the right direction. You can take that first step with The Complete 2022 Facebook Marketing Expert Bundle. It’s on sale for just $29.99 (normally $2,189).

More than 1 billion people use Facebook each day, and this 11-course bundle aims to help you market anything to them to turn them into buyers. Starting with the absolute basics, you’ll learn how to create an attractive, professional, optimized home for your brand on Facebook before leveraging targeting structures to identify and reach your ideal audiences. You’ll learn how to optimize your Facebook Page to expand your customer base and elevate your influence through ads. You’ll work on honing your messaging and harnessing features like Facebook Groups to build a community of loyal customers.

Through these courses, which are all rated from 4/5 stars to a perfect 5/5 stars by students, you’ll learn how to create a flawless Facebook sales funnel and use Facebook Ads to efficiently market your brand and products. There are even courses on leveraging Facebook’s Chatbots to handle things like customer service, customer engagement and much more. It’s a comprehensive guide to using the world’s largest advertising platform in a variety of ways.

Start using Facebook like the marketing giant it is. Right now, you can get The Complete 2022 Facebook Marketing Expert Bundle for just $29.99.

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