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On October 19th, Syniti, the global enterprise data management solutions provider, announced an upcoming release for data quality management: Syniti Match. The upcoming data matching release is an AI-powered solution that promises to support both party and operational data in deduplication efforts. Read on to learn about the highlights of this release and how it could benefit your organization’s data operations.

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Fast facts about Syniti Match

Syniti Match is a cloud-native, AI-powered software solution that offers users a variety of features to automate and simplify the data matching process. Here’s what we know so far about the features of Syniti Match:

  • Support for both party and operational data
  • SaaS deployment for controlled scalability
  • Flexible design to work with a variety of ERP, supply chain, and customer and business data platforms
  • Batch and real-time data ingestion for quicker data matching results
  • Contextual data match evaluations through AI, proprietary phonetic and fuzzy matching algorithms, as well as context-based lexicons

Benefits of working with Syniti Match

Businesses around the world are attempting to grow their data-driven operations at scale, but the problem many of them are facing is with the data itself.

“Organizations today simply can’t afford to base any decisions on poor quality data,” said Kevin Campbell, chief executive officer at Syniti.

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Data sets are frequently incomplete, inaccurate or otherwise not structured in a way that is fit for business purposes. However, data quality solutions like deduplication software can ease some of these data problems, offering streamlined ways to identify and correct data errors.

Syniti Match is a data matching and deduplication solution that aims to offer users particularly advanced options for making their data more business-ready. Here are some of the top benefits we expect to come from this tool.

Optimized productivity for data teams

Many organizations’ most expert data professionals spend the majority of their time on mundane data entry and management tasks like data deduplication. Syniti Match should reduce some of the hands-on time that data professionals spend on data management tasks, especially with real-time and batch ingestion to speed up the data matching process for larger data sets. Even more importantly, this tool offers contextual and flexible support for different types of data, such as party and operational data from both legacy and SaaS applications.

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“The ability to match both types of data quickly and accurately fills a very necessary gap in the market, as it benefits every part of an organization from operations to sales and marketing,” said Emily Williams, vice president of product alliances at Syniti. “With Syniti Match, we are reducing the wasted time spent on the tedious processes of eliminating the duplications and inconsistencies that drive down the quality of your data.”

Improved customer service

With more efficient data matching and deduplication comes a variety of operational and customer service benefits. For starters, having fewer duplicate records gives organizations a better understanding of who their customers are and what they want. With data that has been fact-checked and deduped, companies can create more accurate customer profiles to target campaigns and customer experiences more effectively.

Beyond that, having fewer erroneous data records speeds up other business processes, such as supply chain management and logistics. When processes are streamlined and fewer production steps get lost in the mix, customers can feel confident that they’ll have shorter wait times for higher-quality products.

Increased data accuracy and compliance

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of data matching and other data quality management efforts is increased accuracy and compliance with regulatory requirements. With tools like Syniti Match that provide ways to scale these data quality operations, businesses can more quickly, accurately and confidently manage their data to achieve compliance standards. With Syniti Match’s real-time matching feature, businesses can rest assured that new data issues are being identified and corrected as soon as they enter company databases.

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MJH Lifesciences is an early adopter of the Syniti Match solution. Jon Severn, circulation director at the company, had this to say about his experiences with Syniti Match so far:

“MJH Lifesciences is the largest privately held medical media company in the U.S. We have a constant flow of new data sources into our system, which makes keeping the data free of duplicates very difficult. Previously, we were deduping files manually and spending more time than we would like doing so — and delivering less accurate results. With Syniti Match, our current process is much more accurate, resulting in greater audit compliance; and we have reduced incidents of unintentional duplicates.”

About Syniti

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Syniti, a global leader in data management solutions, solves the world’s most complex data challenges by uniquely combining intelligent, AI-driven software and vast data expertise to yield certain and superior business outcomes. For over 25 years, Syniti has partnered with Fortune companies to unlock valuable insights that ignite growth, reduce risk and increase their competitive advantage.

Syniti’s silo-free enterprise data management platform supports data migration, data quality, data replication, master data management, analytics, data governance and data strategy in a single, unified solution.

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