The challenge IoT poses for enterprises

At the 2018 LiveWorx conference, Raman Sapra, digital business leader at Sasken, explained why the Industrial Internet of Things continues to grow in demand.

The challenge IoT poses for enterprises

Raman Sapra is a digital business leader at Sasken. He spoke with TechRepublic's Alison DeNisco Rayome during LiveWorx 2018 about the industrial Internet of Things.

Raman Sapra: If you look at industry IoT, right ... Industrial IoT is seeing a very fast pace of eruption. And, it is driven by either Industry 4.0 use cases, and as well, industrial companies are looking at industrial IoT to automate their factory processes.

Or, it is been driven by smart-connected products, where companies are looking at their existing products and making them smart and connected.

So, we are seeing demand for industrial IoT driven by both these two scenarios.

You know, I must also spend some time and give you and your viewers a quick perspective in terms of what has Sasken focused on, as far as digital is concerned.

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So, Sasken is an organization with a very strong product engineering services heritage. And, we are now in the process of scaling out the digital business at Sasken.

We are not focused on consumer digital. We are not focused on beta-suite digital. We are focused on industrial digital or B2B digital. And, we are delivering that to our customers through very focused practices of platform development, IoT, data analytics and mobility, and immersive reality.

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The biggest challenge organizations are facing is the right use case. What should we start with? How do we get quick success, as far as a pilot is concerned? And, once you had success with the pilot, how do we quickly scale it out?

So, I think the critical thing is to define the right use case, so that one is successful, one can take learnings from the pilot, and then scale it out.

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