Today's most innovative enterprise solutions

Max Wessel spoke with TechRepublic at the 2019 SAP SAPPHIRE NOW conference about the most beneficial enterprise solutions organizations should be using.

Today's most innovative enterprise solutions

At SAP SAPPHIRE NOW 2019, TechRepublic Associate Staff Writer Macy Bayern sits down with SAP CIO Max Wessel to discuss the most beneficial enterprise solutions organizations should be using. The following is an edited transcript of the interview.

Macy Bayern: What would you say are some of the most prevalent, intelligent enterprise solutions and how can organizations benefit from those?

Max Wessel: When we think about the intelligent enterprise, we think about the ability of SAP to bring a suite of solutions to the market, whether it's HR systems, finance systems, supply chain systems, and truly integrate them in a way that provides context. The themes that are driving our businesses forward are the need to deliver incredible experiences that are composed for an NF1, just the same way we think about delivering that user experience that's personalized. When you go into a retail environment, you want to get that essence of a company that is unique to what you expect from them. That means we need to compose entire business processes. We need to ship shoes that are uniquely customized for the soles of your feet.

That means we need information about who you are in the retail store at the edge, as well as in the manufacturing environment. That requires a lot of data, a lot of integration, a lot of intelligence, and a whole lot of things like data stewardship because the minute you're trusting an enterprise to customize and configure something on your behalf, you're empowering that enterprise to bring a lot of information to bear: personal data, data that you care about.

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At SAP, we're investing a lot as we push into this personalized modular world. Not only around things like new ML [Machine Learning] techniques, but we're really investing a lot around privacy, around encryption technique, that allow us to make sure that every enterprise user who's carrying around a world of insight in their pocket. Think about the Coca Cola recipe, if you had that on your phone and that fell into the wrong hands, that's the entire Coca Cola trade secret right there.

We need to figure out how to make that accessible, how to bring that intelligence wherever it is, and still protect the system itself. We're investing across the spectrum in terms of modularizing our workflows, in terms of delivering better data security, in terms of new ML techniques, and to blockchain in order to allow us to deliver more secure data sharing. We're very excited, but intelligence and that whole intelligent enterprise theme is all about bringing things together and then allowing them to take action on your behalf.

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