Top 5 barriers to innovation

Security concerns, limited time, and no budget are some factors that can stop companies from innovating. Tom Merritt examines the top five roadblocks to innovation and how to overcome them.

Top 5 barriers to innovation

Innovation is essential to so many things for a business, including success and longevity. Being innovative isn't easy, or everyone would do it. Half the battle is knowing what's in your way. So let's look at five barriers to innovation, so you can clear them away.

  1. Security concerns: New things are scary because they often bring new vulnerabilities. But security is not unsolvable--it's just another essential element to get right.
  2. Limited time and resources: No company ever feels like it has enough time or people to do a job, so don't let that be your excuse. You'll need to carve out time for innovation--it won't just happen on its own.
  3. Limited or no budget: Money can be a harder one to get over since the people holding the purse strings tend to want a safe bet, and innovative ideas are, by definition, unproven.
  4. Lack of skill sets: It's much easier to innovate if you have people who know how to do new things rather than constantly remixing old ways.
  5. User acceptance/adoption: Even if you bust through all the other barriers, you still need to convince your customers to take advantage of the new thing. The innovation case doesn't stop at launch.

Now that you know what you need to overcome these barriers, it can be easier to account for them and make a plan to innovate.

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