Top 5 cities in the world for innovation

Tom Merritt breaks down the top five cities from 2thinknow's Innovation Cities Program list.

Top 5 cities in the world for innovation

2thinknow makes a yearly estimate of how friendly cities are for innovation, taking into account where a city has been, as well as multiple indicators like cultural assets, human infrastructure, and networked markets. The top spot used to be obvious--Silicon Valley--but it's not there anymore. Let's take a look at the top five cities for innovation.

  1. Tokyo: Some may think of Japan as the tech leader of the 1990s, but Tokyo's support of new technologies, some of which is spurred by the 2020 Olympics, put them on top. If you're watching trends in robotics, you might have suspected this.
  2. London: The old financial capital of Europe has plenty of money skimming around to fund startups. London held the top spot last year, but uncertainties over Brexit may have had an effect.
  3. San Francisco and San Jose, aka, Silicon Valley: The home of Apple, Google, Facebook, HP, and the list goes on…. You might blame the tech backlash for the ranking, but keep in mind it's up from number four from the last time.
  4. New York: The city that never sleeps dropped two spots this time. Certainly driving Amazon's second headquarters out of town wasn't a good look.
  5. Los Angeles: Silicon Beach propped Tinseltown up a notch. Companies like Snap and Spaces call LA home, as do the studios for every big streaming video provider.

The crowd is tight after the top five, with Singapore at six and Boston, Toronto, Paris, Sydney, and Chicago all neck and neck. Check out 2thinknow's Innovation Cities Program full rankings on the company's website.

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