Top 5 ways robots affect your life

From training doctors to inspecting sewers, more and more jobs are going to robots. Tom Merritt examines five ways robots have a direct effect on your daily life.

Top 5 ways robots affect your life

Robots--a lot of people talk about what effect they will have on us, but maybe we don't do enough to look at what effect they are having on us. Here are five ways robots affect your life right now. 

  1. Training your doctor: Robot patients are being used in some hospitals to help medical students practice diagnoses and treatment. Some are humanoid, while others are just robotic versions of organs. 
  2. Training police: You may have seen movies showing cardboard cutouts of villains and citizens used in live fire training. Well, a company called Marathon Targets sells armor-plated robots that can roll around--and be shot at. 
  3. Bringing you food: Starship Technologies is one of among a dozen companies using autonomous rolling robots to deliver food, groceries, and more. Look for them rolling down a sidewalk near you.
  4. Sewer inspection: You know those jobs people don't want robots to take? Maybe it's okay to take this one. Sanitation department workers are now using robots to head down into the sewer lines so they don't have to--unless it finds something the robot can't fix, of course. 
  5. Hazardous work: From nuclear accidents to search and rescue, robots are going in where it's unsafe for humans and helping identify problems and survivors.

That's right, the robot future is now, making way for a more interesting robot future. Thank your friendly neighborhood robot the next time you see one.

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Image: Starship Technologies