UKG Pro’s fast facts

Starting price: Undisclosed
Key features:
  • Rich, AI-powered analytics.
  • Comprehensive interface.
  • Support for over 160 countries.

UKG Pro logo.
Image: UKG Pro

UKG Pro is a perfect match if you need human resource and payroll power coupled with a user-friendly interface. The platform, formerly known as Ultipro, packages everything from international payroll in over 160 countries to cutting-edge artificial intelligence from Google.

The advanced offering is best for midsize to large businesses. Smaller entities will likely feel overwhelmed. And you’ll need a flexible budget since pricing is unclear.

Let’s unbox this complex system to see if it’s suitable for your organization.

UKG Pro’s pricing

As mentioned above, the title does not offer transparent pricing. You’ll have to work with a sales agent to customize the right solution for your business. This added step can make it challenging to ensure you’re getting the same pricing as similar users, but it isn’t unique. ADP, Workday and Paychex similarly conceal their costs.

Unconfirmed user feedback puts average pricing at around $30 per staff member each month. If true, this figure is lower than some alternatives. On a monthly basis, Zoho One, a similarly advanced competitor, costs $37 per employee. Justworks charges $59 per person to start. And while Rippling begins at $8 a head, that’s only for the most simple, minimal tools. Add-ons can easily quadruple or more that amount.

UKG Pro lacks a free trial, but you can test-drive a simple demo with a sales agent or independently.

UKG Pro’s key features

International support

You’re in luck if your business operates beyond the United States. That’s because UKG Pro supports payroll in over 160 countries. Best of all, you can manage every locale from within the platform. There is no need for third-party software or coordination with outsourced services.

And don’t worry if your administrative staff speak languages other than English. The platform is translated into 20 tongues. So, your staff can comfortably work in their preferred dialect.

Comprehensive functionality

UKG Pro is all-encompassing. The workforce management solution includes time and attendance tracking, leave management, recruiting tools and employee scheduling, among other perks. Compared to competitors like ADP, UKG Pro is highly customizable and delivers a much more user-friendly experience.

Rich artificial intelligence capabilities

The title is a boon for artificial intelligence lovers. That’s because UKG Pro incorporates the technology broadly across its suite.

One marquee feature is UKG Bryte, an AI-powered assistant that can generate insights and recommendations for improving your workplace. The tool draws from its knowledge of best practices gained from organizations like Great Place To Work. As a result, you can expect time-tested, data science-backed suggestions.

Moreover, UKG incorporates Google’s VertexAI technology for day-to-day tasks. This combination means you can use machine learning to automatically create employee schedules, analyze reports, author staff surveys and more.

Employee engagement perks

UKG Pro delivers a tool called UKG Talk that’s meant to compete with professional chat apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams. It provides a fun vehicle for communication and collaboration and functions similarly to social media platforms, allowing workers to view activity feeds, post in groups and send direct messages to coworkers. This in-house offering is convenient and reduces the number of tools you need to do your work.

Advanced analytics and reporting

The platform’s advanced analytics and reporting capabilities are quite impressive. UKG Pro delivers deeper insights than many competitors, like Workday, by offering detailed analytics on workforce trends, performance metrics, compliance risks and more. Colorful charts and graphs are spilled across every page. Moreover, you can tap into the Workforce Management Data Hub to analyze intelligence gathered from the company’s clients and other reputable sources.

Employee self-service portal

UKG Pro’s employee self-service portal stands out for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive functionality. Workers can easily access their pay stubs, request time off, update personal information and enroll in benefits. This feature is more intuitive than platforms like SAP SuccessFactors, which can boost staff morale.

UKG Pro pros

  • Comprehensive HR and payroll suite.
  • Highly customizable and scalable.
  • Advanced analytics and AI features.
  • Beautiful, user-friendly interface.

UKG Pro cons

  • No transparent pricing.
  • Not suitable for smaller entities.
  • Requires some technical knowledge.
  • Limited educational resources.

Alternatives to UKG Pro

UKG ProRipplingPaychexJustworks
Starting price (monthly)Undisclosed$8 per employeeUndisclosed$59 per employee ($49 per employee for 50+ people)
International payroll supportedYesYesRequires third-party integrationYes
Analytics qualityAdvancedAdvancedModerateLimited
24/7 customer supportYesNoYesYes
Free trialNoNoNoNo


Rippling logo.
Image: Rippling

Rippling is a user-friendly HR platform that excels in automating not just HR tasks but also IT operations. This addition makes it a standout choice for tech-savvy companies. Its ability to manage employee devices and software from the same platform as payroll and benefits expands upon UKG Pro’s HR-focused offerings.

Plus, unlike UKG Pro, pricing is more customizable. You can choose a la carte options starting at $8 per employee monthly.


Paychex logo.
Image: Paychex

Paychex is a household name in advanced payroll software. The title offers a broad array of services that include payroll, HR and benefits. Its appeal lies in its flexibility and scalability. Small businesses are welcome to start with Paychex Flex and grow into more complex solutions later on.

Notably, the title differentiates itself with a strong focus on personalized customer service and extensive regulatory compliance support. If you want to learn the ropes from expert human resource consultants, this platform is for you.


Justworks logo.
Image: Justworks

Justworks simplifies HR and payroll processes for small businesses and startups. This appeal to resource-limited entities makes it an attractive alternative if UKG Pro feels overwhelming.

The competitor provides an easy-to-use platform that offers payroll, benefits, HR tools and compliance support under a co-employment model. This allows Justworks to offer access to high-quality health benefits at lower rates, a feature particularly appealing to small businesses looking to offer competitive benefit packages without the complexity or cost typically associated with them.


We carefully investigated UKG Pro’s ease of use, functionality, international payroll support, artificial intelligence capabilities, customer service quality and other factors. Customer feedback was also considered. Finally, we studied competitors and analyzed how the title stacks up against ADP, Paychex and others, among other research.

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Stay up to date on the latest in technology with Daily Tech Insider. We bring you news on industry-leading companies, products, and people, as well as highlighted articles, downloads, and top resources. You’ll receive primers on hot tech topics that will help you stay ahead of the game. Delivered Weekdays