Why hardware security is critical for IoT

At the 2018 LiveWorx conference, Kevin Lee, head of marketing for Samsung ARTIK IoT, explained why IoT manufacturers need to consider both hardware and software security in their products.

Why hardware security is critical for IoT

Kevin Lee is the head of marketing for Samsung ARTIK IoT. During LiveWorx 2018, he spoke with TechRepublic's Alison DeNisco Rayome about IoT manufacturers' security needs.

Kevin Lee: IoT today is wild, wild west. Anyone could create a device that connects to the internet. However, not having a hardware security is a key drawback because if you want to actually secure, not only the data, but you want to actually provide identity to your device, so by that means you need to have a secure OS, secure boot, secure storage and secure identity for the device itself. In order to secure identity for the device, you need to have a hardware root of trust and tamper proof resistant hardware mechanism that could actually secure those identity for your devices. Samsung Logic provides hardware and software to allow you to do that for all the developers that our building solutions and IoT space.

IoT provides a full hardware module solutions for any developers looking to build IoT solutions anywhere from small bluetooth to devices all the way to the gateways and edge servers. We also provide full end-to-end software. That means not only the software that drives your hardware but also the full connectivity to the cloud in a secure manner.

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