Zenefits fast facts
Pricing: Starts at $8 per month, per employee
Key Features:
  • Payroll syncing

  • Mobile app and payments

  • Detailed analytics for HR teams

  • All-in-one payroll/HR platform

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Managing employees and payroll can be complicated for any business, from the smallest retailer to the largest conglomerate. HR teams can often feel overwhelmed when trying to successfully manage their teams, especially in remote environments, because every workplace has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. Fortunately, cloud-based platforms have become increasingly viable for many organizations. Zenefits is one such service that might be a good fit for your enterprise.

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Zenefits is a platform that includes payroll, HR and employee benefits features. The service is marketed as a simple alternative to other cloud solutions that can help brands reduce costs and increase productivity. With onboarding tools, thorough analytics, and many automated features, Zenefits is a quality service for many businesses. That doesn’t mean Zenefits is perfect, as not every organization will be able to put its features to use.

Zenefits onboarding dashboard.
Zenefits onboarding dashboard. From Zenefits.com.

In this review we’ll discuss the details of Zenefits, from pricing and features to the pros and cons of the service. This article will help you decide if Zenefits could be right for your business by examining relevant competitors and the Zenefits usage requirements. Read on to discover more about Zenefits payroll and HR software.

Zenefits’ pricing

When it comes to pricing, Zenefits has three different tiers: Essentials, Growth and Zen. The Essentials package is described as “Your rock solid HR foundation.” It includes time tracking, employee management, automated onboarding and mobile connectivity.

At higher tiers, you gain access to more advanced tools. Performance and compensation management features, for example, are only available with the Growth package. If your company takes HR seriously, the Zen package grants users access to employee engagement surveys.

Most businesses don’t need the super-powered features included with the Zen tier. Indeed, your business might operate perfectly with an Essentials subscription. The tiers are priced as follows:

  • Essentials: $8 per month, per employee.
  • Growth: $16 per month, per employee.
  • Zen: $21 per month, per employee.

Zenefits’ key features

Payroll data syncing

The first thing to understand about Zenefits payroll is that it is not a standard fixture of the platform. Payroll is an add-on that allows businesses to further utilize the Zenefits service. With that in mind, you might be thinking that Zenefits payroll is of poor quality. But that isn’t the case.

Zenefits payroll includes must-have tools like unlimited payrolls, mobile payments and direct deposits. The service also supports different schedules and payments for different workers.

Dynamic mobile payments

Zenefits mobile pay stubs.
Zenefits mobile pay stubs. From Zenefits.com.

Many Zenefits reviews overlook the importance of the service’s mobile payments. The platform supports a mobile app and allows you and your team to view information on-the-go. Employees can easily see deductions, payments and taxes.

Employee analytics

Zenefits HR analytics dashboard. From Zenefits.com.
Zenefits HR analytics dashboard. From Zenefits.com.

The Zenefits HR platform has a few great analytics features for your business. Specifically, the platform allows you to receive detailed insights on headcount activities, employee demographics, employee compensation, stock options and more.

All-in-one management

The Zenefits platform is a great example of an all-in-one solution. The key features of the service — HR, payroll and benefits — are all meant to work together seamlessly. Payroll, for example, will automatically integrate with Zenefits HR. This allows your business to manage HR tools like time tracking and payroll tools like compensation bonuses simultaneously.

Zenefits’ pros

Affordable price

Zenefits is affordable, delivering quality tools in a similar price bracket as many competitors. HR, payroll and benefits tools aren’t typically offered together at the Zenefits price point.

Mobile app

A great benefit of the Zenefits platform is that it supports mobile connectivity. Allowing your team to access information through the mobile app makes it possible for HR managers to focus on other tasks.

Automated HR tools

The automated HR tools offered by Zenefits are great for any business looking to better understand their workforce. If your organization is in need of quality reporting, Zenefits might be the platform for you.

Zenefits’ cons

Difficult for small businesses

Zenefits requires a business to have at least five individuals registered to manage a certain account. This means that a business using Zenefits will likely need an HR team of at least a few individuals, which makes Zenefits better for mid to large-sized enterprises.

Payroll is an add-on

As mentioned above, Zenefits payroll is something that you have to add to the existing HR and benefits platform. If your business is in dire need of a payroll solution, this could be a tedious hurdle.

Alternatives to Zenefits

If your organization is a midsize or large company with a growing HR team, Zenefits might be for you. You may also enjoy Zenefits if you’re looking for a service that can deliver live reports and sync all of your basic features.

If that doesn’t sound like your business, maybe you should consider one of the competitors listed below.


Gusto is a great platform with a robust payroll service. The platform is also perfect for small businesses, which means that the application makes up for the weaknesses of Zenefits. If Zenefits doesn’t seem right for your organization, definitely consider Gusto instead.


  • Simple: $40 per month plus $6 per employee.
  • Plus: $80 per month plus $12 per employee.
  • Premium: Inquire on Gusto’s website for details.


Rippling is a potentially viable alternative to Zenefits because it offers a similar all-in-one approach. Rippling users can choose from many different services and subscribe to the ones they need most. Like Zenefits, it’s best for mid to large-sized organizations.


  • $8 per month, per user. Don’t be fooled, though: as you choose more features, Rippling can become much more expensive than its competitors.

Review methodology

This review features information compiled from multiple relevant sources. The above information about the Zenefits platform and its HR, payroll and benefits features was collected from the vendor site, user reviews and reputable third-party organizations.

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