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to buy a new computer

By karimanahimi461 ·
I want to buy a new computer for video manipulation.

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yeah and......?

by TomSal In reply to to buy a new computer

Ok you want to buy a computer for video manipulation....you're telling us because?????

(In all seriousness, what do you want to know?)

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$$$$ P4

by TheChas In reply to to buy a new computer

Normally, I recommend AMD based systems.

However, the one thing that the P4 does do better than an Athlon is digital video.

So, buy the fastest P4 that you can afford.
At a MINIMUM get a 120GB hard drive, and if you are using W2K or XP, max out the memory that the motherboard will hold.


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by dgust In reply to to buy a new computer

I must keep from pressing the tab key...

To get the video in, either it comes from a disk such as a DVD, Video CD or floppy; via a network or buss connection (USB perhaps) connection; or from a video capture card.

Once the video file is in the computer, you use specialized video software to load the video file and manipulate the file. This is the place where high speed CPU (suggested 2Gig +) will pay off. Since the RAM memory probably cannot contain the entire video file, a high-speed hard drive is desireable (10,000rpm & greater) and if this is more than a hobby then a SCSI controller with Ultra160 is probably minimum for the SCSI drives. This is where the costs start to rise dramatically as SCSI is probably 50% to 100% more than IDE hard drives.

Rendering the video to a DVD disk or video tape is most likely the expected output. DVD is certainly most desireable but the differences between -R/-RW and +R/+RW make the decision a hard one. Most new DVD players can read either kind but the minus (-) kind are more compatible with older DVD systems.

Video tape requires a video card with either a composite out or SVHS out jack. Connect to you VCR and record the rendered file.

Sound is routed through the sound card on your computer and is output from the sound card during the tape recording process. DVD recorders record the audio at the same time as the video.

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