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Okay, so I did something stupid. I have a 1TB hard drive in my computer build. I initially installed XP Pro on the drive in one single partition. Along came Windows 7 so I resized the XP partition down to 500GB and gave 500GB to Windows 7. Well I loved Windows 7 so much, I stopped using Windows XP all together and had already migrated all my files to the Windows 7 partition. However, I was running out of room so I decided to wipe the XP partition to make room. So I booted into the Windows 7 installation disk and deleted the Windows XP partition. I then cancelled the setup, since I only wanted to delete the partition and restarted. Boom! My life fell apart. It failed to boot time and time again. Did some research and found out that while I knew that the Windows 7 installation took over the bootloader with its own, it did so by overwritting the old XP one ONE THE XP PARTITION. So I essentially wiped the information needed to boot. No problem, booted into Windows 7 install disc again and used the recovery options to "automatically" fix the boot stuff & even went into the command prompt to manual rebuild the mbr and bcd. Still didn't work. While in the recover environment, I noticed that it only recognized the Windows 7 partition as 200 some GB when it should be 500GB, this initially concerned me until I used the command prompt to verify the partition size. As a last ditch effort, I thought that maybe the Windows 7 partition needed to be at the beginning of the hard drive instead of at the end. I booted into GParted and used it to move the Windows 7 partition to the beginning of the hard drive and expand it to use all of the hard drive. Tried some more things that still didn't work, all the while Windows 7 Recovery was showing it as still 200 some GB. I then went into load a driver and discovered I could browse the files on the disk. So I went into my User files and was looking at them when I noticed something was off. My Music before this incident was well into the 200GB range and now only showed 60GB. I went in there and proceeded to find out that many of my music files showed 0 byte size. The same with my videos and pictures. At this point, I stopped trying to fix my boot problem. The next day I went out and bought a new hard drive and reinstalled Windows 7 onto it. I am not booting to the new 1TB hard drive and running EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional on the old 1TB drive will all my seemingly corrupted files on it. However, the only files and partitions it is finding is the random 200 some GB partition Windows will only recognize (not the original 500GB or even the moved and expanded close to 1TB one) and the files that are already on the hard drive. Is there anything or any program that I can use to recover those 0 byte size files? I dont' really care about the music or videos, but the pictures are huge to my wife and I. There are our wedding photos, honeymoon photos, family get togethers and my trip to Africa. As of right now, over 50% of the photos show as 0 byte. I am kicking myself right now for not having a suitable backup in place, but hindsight is always 20/20. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am at my wits end.

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