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Locked IP

By BalaSubramanian ·
Hey Guys,
I gotta Application server running on Win NT server, which has a static IP address ( Im running a Schedule job that logs Netstat results every min, so that i could monitor the network status of my machine.

The problem is that at inconsistent time intervals, Netstat -n shows me IP address
as my Local Address. Im aware that the IP address is while listerning. But the fact is Netstat shows after some remote machine, which has nothing to do with my app. establishes a connection with My machine.


After this happenes, all my applications services, that connects to my SYbase server, LDAP and SQL Sever fails. The problem gets resolved after i reboot my machine.

Since im not a network guy, im quite confused by this behaviour. Can you guys throw some light on this.

Thanks in advance....

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by voldar In reply to IP

An IP address means that your DHCP server has no more IPs in the range to provide one your computer. The fact that you have a STATIC IP, well, that makes things sound odd. Is it 100% sure that you have static IP? Or is it a reservation on your DHCP server? Check this out, and then, come back here - or better - ask your question in the Questions & Answers section of TR.
Best of luck.

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by BalaSubramanian In reply to Well

hi vladolar...
Im quite sure that my application server makes use of static IP only. Its is not any reservation on DHCP Server.
Iam wondering is it a network issue or some kinda virus in my network :-(

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IP Conflict?

by ksreid In reply to

Have you had any IP conflicts on your network for the IP address that you are trying to statically use on your App server?
If you have an address statically assigned to your app server, you really should have it set as a reservation on your DHCP server otherwise the IP is available in the table and could dynamically assigned to another system, causing IP conflicts.
I would set a reservation for your servers ip anyway, just to be safe.

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