'03 Active Directory and profiles

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What is the best way to take a LOCAL users profile settings from XP and use it in AD? We are just starting to use AD but already have 100's of users that already have set profiles on their local machines. I have tried copying the local profile files and folders into the new AD profile folder but no settings came over. Thanks.

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You need to copy local profile to network share and modify user object

by Why Me Worry? In reply to '03 Active Directory and ...

to point to the profile on the network share and make sure you give the share full share access and assign full NTFS access to the user's profile directory

e.g. \\server1\profiles\jdoe should have full share permissions and full NTFS permission

make sure to remove the domain users and everyone group from having rights to this specific user's profile, or they will end up messing it up if they can access it

when you right click on user object in ADUC, go to properties, then to profiles tab

here, you will type in the UNC path to the user's profile, just as if it were a home directory

You need to copy the user's profile form XP through the control panel, not manually.

This is the basis behind roaming profiles

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hmmm, non roaming?

by alpearson82 In reply to '03 Active Directory and ...

Wow, thanks for the fast reply. That did work and that is good to know. But im wondering if there is a way to do this without using roaming profiles. These users are not going to be moving computers ever and there will be less risk of losing everyones profiles if there is a hardware failure. Thanks.

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Doesn't have to be roaming profile, but profile can be on server

by Why Me Worry? In reply to hmmm, non roaming?

instead of being stored on local machine

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