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0Ld $<h00L

By admin ·
Someone called my (15 years) younger brother "old school" when he was here over the weekend. I was thining I was "old school", but then the arpanet was way b4 me..... soooooo,
when was the "old school" era anyway and perhaps more importantly has anyone seen any studies on puter culture that track the differences?

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Old School is an attitude

by TheChas In reply to 0Ld $<h00L

Around here, people are referred to as "Old School" if they have a solid work ethic, and 'think' before they act.

Other "Old School" attributes:

Obey the law, even when no-one is looking.

Be polite to others.

Respect your elders.

Complete your tasks.

I could go on, but you get the idea.


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Agree with Chas, as usual, but...

by GuruOfDos In reply to Old School is an attitude

Old School....

Someone who uses a computer to perform a task that makes their job or life easier, not someone whose job or life IS the computer!

Old School...

When the kids come in raving about the latest chart single from Boyzone or Steps or similar teeny-bopper band...and we remember the original ABBA version from the mid-70's!

Old School...

I went to Swanmore Secondary (High School, for the benefit of our American friends) and left in 1983 after learning my 'IT' on CommodorePets and BBC Model B's. When I drove past it last week, it's now called Swanmore College of Technology and kids learn how to download porn from the internet...In my day we had to purchase 'mucky magazines' from the top shelf of the local newsagent!
Old School...

Still using Windows 9x because it's now virtually 'shareware' or 'antique'!

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Depends on your vantage point

by rickydoo In reply to 0Ld $<h00L

When I was on ShorelineBBS using a 286, ppl who used Commodores were old school. Ppl who started with comps w/Win95 think DOS was old school (at least before they learned what W95 was made of).
I'm sure today anyone who starts their computer experience w/XP considers anyone who remembers W95 to be old school too.
p.s. TheChas hit the nail on the head, though.

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Values- thanks Chas!

by admin In reply to 0Ld $<h00L

Sometimes it's hard for me to grasp that something that started out as a culture with truly transcendant values in a positive way has become so negative now. If the "new school" is really by default only about trespass, laziness and destruction thenI find it very very sad.

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New school not quite that bad

by TheChas In reply to Values- thanks Chas!

Old School used to be a derogatory term for someone who did not change over to new methods and ideas.

The 'new school' is the methods of taking short-cuts to the goal.

Many of the high level options trading schemes that are bringing companies down are part of the new school.

Same for making money without providing any item of value to the customer.

Some examples:

NS: if you have not needed it for 2 years, throw it away.

OS: if it still has value, store it.

NS: out-source tosave 2% on cost

OS: keep it in house to control quality

NS: sample the final product for defects

OS: check and verify as you go

NS: change for the sake of change

OS: change if it will improve things


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