0x00000004 error from a game?

By TehChodja ·
I recently installed a legit copy of Stubbs the Zombie: Rebel without a Pulse. Now, I'm fairly certain I have a video card capable of running this game since I've been playing FEAR 1 and 2, and Need For Speed Undercover without problems.

Thing is, the game will run smoothly for, maybe, 3 minutes, and then starts lagging terribly. I've turned down all graphics in the game, that didn't help.

Once I exit the game out of frustration, an error message pops up:

The instruction at "0x696b3ed9" referenced memory at "0x00000004". The memory could not be "read".

What could this mean?

I take that back... FEAR 2 is now lagging like crazy. Um...any ideas on what could be doing this?

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Means it can't find the instruction in memory.

by seanferd In reply to 0x00000004 error from a g ...

Check for overheating.

Test your RAM

Check/update your drivers.

Check to see if the games are fully compatible with your system.

Check for malware

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by TehChodja In reply to Means it can't find the i ...

I've run the Memtest and it came back clean. I'm not sure whether it overheats or not, but I'm fairly confidant that it's not an issue. The 3 minute window I gave was a one-time deal. It lags right off the get-go now.

It does it with all my games, apparently. Also, Age of Mythology freezes the computer.

It shouldn't be a hardware issue, as DXDIAG has run properly and given the card an OK. It's an EVGA GeForce 8500 GT with 1GB of on-board DDR2 RAM. It should be totally capable of running them all.

I updated the video card's drivers, and I've cleansed the PC of malware. I'm thinking of repairing Windows XP and seeing if that fixes the problem. Aside from that, could it be anything else?

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You could try the repair install,

by seanferd In reply to Done.

but as a caveat, I can tell you that if the problem persists, it may still be with the installed software. In that case, back up all your data, wipe the drive with something like DBAN, and do a clean install.

One thing you can do, which I should have mentioned previously, is to take a look at the event logs to find if there is a reference to the error and any relevant conditions immediately preceding it, or anything reported since the game was started.

DxDiag will only reveal the capabilities of the hardware, it will not necessarily reveal any problems, particularly if the tests do not create the create the environment in which the error occurs, or are run at a time when the error is not occurring.

The error you actually see may have nothing to do with the cause, but may be a result - there is an attempt to clear memory for use when the game is terminated, but nothing is found at at least one address referenced.

Do you use a graphics card or onboard video? This is relevant since the error is in system RAM. Graphics cards have their own RAM.

And since were here, what is you system make and model number, what OS are you running?

What security software are you using?

Did this problem occur after you had installed anything else? Were there recent OS updates, other software updates?

<i>I've cleansed the PC of malware.</i>
So, you are saying there was malware? If so, boot in Safe Mode, turn off System Restore, and run malwarebytes and whatever other tools you use until nothing shows up. But, removing malware doesn't fix the damage it causes, so a repair or clean install may fix you up.

Sorry to be so wordy, but I'm trying to cover as many bases as I can. The problem and error message are so vague that that they don't lend to easy diagnosis, especially over a forum thread.

Oh, and you might just want to try the MS memory diagnostic as well, just in case.

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by TehChodja In reply to You could try the repair ...

Well, unfortunately, I've already done the repair to Windows and I believe it wiped the event logs.

After I repaired Windows, I uninstalled the video driver completely and then reinstalled and updated the driver. I tried playing Stubbs the Zombie again, and it was moving rather smoothly. Longer than that 3 minute window mentioned before. Buuuut...then it crapped again. So the problem is definitely persisting...

I was really, really trying to avoid reinstalling, but I guess after a couple years with the same copy of Windows, it's about time for a reboot. =\

My desktop is compiled of bits and pieces that I don't exactly recall, but I'm using a video card. An eVGA GeForce 8500 GT with 1GB of DDR2 RAM.AMD Phenom Quad-Core with 4GB of RAM (if I remember right). I'm also running Windows XP Professional with SP2.

And no, I had not recently installed anything. It's actually been a long while since I've tried playing any video games, so, sadly, there's quite a broad window of opportunity in there. It'd be very difficult to pin-point the actual cause.

There was Malware, but very little. Nothing that would seem to cause this. I don't actually use any anti-virus software because I generally keep the PC very clean, and with the need to accommodate such a large industry, most security software tends to comes with crap I don't need and runs too much in the background. Just scan and remove. S'all I want. Lol.

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by dawgit In reply to Hrm.

GeForce 8500GT from Nvida. AMD set up. Amd based sets <i>prefer</i> Radon cards, (they bought the company) the Nvida drivers need to be updated. That might help.

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You can still laugh, though.

by TehChodja In reply to Ah-ha

The GeForce has been working quite well with the AMD setup for a couple years now. But, alas, I have found the problem, so the laughter can continue. lol

Thank you for all the help, the both of you, but it's a hardware issue. I guess the fan was working intermittently. I woke up this morning to a blank computer screen and the video wouldn't go past the POST listing.

My video card's fan was hanging. One of the anchors melted. I'm just going to have to go out and get me a new fan for the card, since I know it still works.

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Well now that would explain a few things...

by dawgit In reply to You can still laugh, thou ...

Now to find out why that happened

Thanks for the feed back. -d

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