0x0000007F BSOD When i play games on my PC

By alib106106 ·
At first i figured i needed an up to date driver for my graphics card, this didn't work, so i sent my PC to get fixed and recieved a new graphics card from my dealer and still i get the message.. i have viewed the microsoft page on this error and i am still none the wiser (don't really understand most of what is said) any dummified answer would be appreciated, thx

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Just Some Basic Info

by BorgInva In reply to 0x0000007F BSOD When i pl ...

Got some Qs. If you know any of these, great.
What type of video card and RAM it has?
How much/type PC RAM?
Type and speed of processor?
What games (I may have played them and got the same error to).

I looked a bit for the error.

It could be RAM related. After you post some more info, grab this file http://www.memtest86.com/ and make it either a bootable CD or floppy. I personally, as I have a dozen times when my PC crashed, let it run a bunch of times for at least 8-10h to see if any errors pop up. Just boot off it and let it do its checking. This will help see if there is a PC RAM issue.

If you need help with the program, or you get errors, let us know.

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Ok sure, :)

by alib106106 In reply to Just Some Basic Info

I have a Nvidia 7300 LE (512 MB) graphics card (previously nvidia nx6600 256MB). i am not sure what RAM i have just how much.. 1.00GB.. my processor is Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6300 @ 1.86GHz and a 775Dual-VSTA american trends mother board.

i noticed the program you linked is a stand alone memory test for Intel/AMD x86 architecture and apparently i have x64 architecture please let me know if i am being stupid.

I also recieved a 0x7E error after posting this Q during game play.. it said something about my driver file Nv4_disp.dll. also it just freezes up on the game sceen sometimes until i press restart.

I play Battlefield 2142 and Counter-Strike source.. both of which crash. your help is much appreciated

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OK M$ acknowledges this problem since`15 Jan 2004

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to 0x0000007F BSOD When i pl ...

And is covered by the M$ Knowledge Base Article Listed here


What it basically says is to make sure that your system is Updated to the latest Levels from the Windows Live Update Site and that the Win32k.sys is the source of the problem. If you have already updated this computer through the Windows Live Update Faculty then you need to look at a Repair Install of the OS after you backup any data stored on the system.

If this is only used for games it's possible that one or more of the games has adversely affected the Windows Kernel and is causing the instability in which case it would be advisable to wipe the HDD and perform a Clean Install of Windows.

The Repair/In Place Install Instructions are listed here


& if that doesn't work a wiping utility is available for download from here to write zero's to every sector of the HDD so you can perform a clean install



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