"0x77e803ce" memory could not be written

By gopalips ·
when run lacecad program on laptop above error "0x77e803ce memory could not be written" are genreted.same program run on another pc.

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What is lacecad?

by ComputerCookie In reply to "0x77e803ce" memory could ...

I f it's what I think it is, ask another forum!

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Scan for virus and other malware

by seanferd In reply to "0x77e803ce" memory could ...

Tell us what is your OS (XP service pack 2?) and what type of computer you are using.

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re: memory could not be written error

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to "0x77e803ce" memory could ...

The only references to a "lacecad" or "Lace Cad" program that I can find are related to the textile industry. Have you checked with the manufacturer's web site for updates/upgrades? If this is software that you're trying to install on Vista or even WinXP, look at the specifications for the software. If it doesn't say that it is specifically compatible with the OS on the laptop, you'll need to upgrade the software.

By the way, "memory could not be written" errors occur because the software attempts to write to a protected area of memory. Sometimes, turning off DEP for that program will allow it to run. But, you are putting your OS at risk by doing so.

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by seanferd In reply to re: memory could not be w ...

I didn't even want to mention the DEP, especially if there's an infection. I didn't know that you could turn it off per program. I learn so much darn stuff here. Thumbs up to you ThumbsUp2!

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