1 ADSL 2 modem to 8 port switch to 2 wireless routers - How To ?

By didgeye ·
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what is the best way to set the following up.
1x ADSL 2 Modem into,
1x 8 port switch that has 1x LAN connected PC, 1x LAN Network Printer,
and 2x wireless routers, one for me and the wife, and one for the kids,
"the KIDS wireless router is powered by a hidden power board with IR Remote,
that on school nights they're still playing PS3 after 9pm - I can KILL their power,
whilst the wife & I are unaffected"
The kids dont know the network passwords or setup.
iPad, iPhone, and Laptop connected via Our wireless router,
must be able to connect the internet, Desktop PC, and Printer.
I understand IP, subnets, DHCP, ect.
Any Help would be great, thanks in advance.

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What you need are two Access Points, not two WLAN routers

by robo_dev In reply to 1 ADSL 2 modem to 8 port ...

A WLAN router is an AP plus a full NAT router in one. (layer 2 and layer 3 device)

An AP is a mac-layer bridge, a pure layer 2 device, so the network can be one subnet.

To make a WLAN router work as an AP you plug the LAN port of the WLAN router in your LAN, set a static IP in each device, and disable DHCP in each WLAN router. Then these will function as APs.

You do not want to have multiple subnets, as this will break things (like printing or file sharing), and the latency of putting a router behind a router is not good.

I assume your ADSL modem is a router that supplies DHCP and acts as a NAT firewall as well?

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Still Unclear on my original issue

by didgeye In reply to What you need are two Acc ...

I have standard issue Telsta Bigpond ADSL2 Modem,
1x Tenda G_1008_D 8 port Gigabit Ethernet Switch,
1x Tenda W308R 300Mbps Wireless N Router with 4 LAN & 1 WAN,
1x Belkin Surf F7D2301 Wireless N Router with 4 LAN & 1 WAN.
Should Bigpond External IP Address be DHCP controlled at the modem, then static IP addresses for all devices after it ???

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