1. how to break the administrator password windows xp,vista,windows 7 e.t.c

By Munna21 ·
hi, i know use of bootable cd but,
i want to deefrent idea so please(give me some other idea ),
help me sir or miss.
i am Munna
pursuwing BCA.

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by ---TK--- In reply to 1. how to break the admin ...

Well couple steps involved:
1. remove the HDD from the PC.
2. throw the HDD against a brick wall.
3. repeate step 2 until the password falls out of the HDD and onto the ground.

Best of luck

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by .Martin. In reply to hm....

a hammer if its not working too fast...

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Pursuwing ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to 1. how to break the admin ...

Bedford Creative Arts
Berkshire College of Agriculture
Blackbushe Car Auctions
Book Club Associates
British Car Auctions
British Caving Association
British Cement Association
British Cheerleading Association
British Chiropractic Association
British Crystallographic Association

Are you on a distance learning course?

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Or in the US

by patb071 In reply to Pursuwing ...

Billiard Congress of America
Bureau of Criminal Apprehension
Bulldog Club of America
Buddhist Churches of America

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Missed one

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Pursuwing ...

Bollock-brained Crap Artist

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some more

by .Martin. In reply to Pursuwing ...

British Comedy Awards
Bank Central Asia
Biner Corporation & Associates
Bicycle Corporation of America
Boeing Commercial Airplanes
Business Case Analysis
Business Coalition of America
Business Council of Australia

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It's amazing !

by Kenone In reply to 1. how to break the admin ...

They never stop trying and
they just don't get it.
Cool way to spell different though.

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Love it, just love it

by NexS In reply to It's amazing !

Don't you just love it when they ask?

Its like an awful tasting fancy-seafood dish, but you keep biting because of the novelty of it.

maybe that doesn't make any sense at all, Haha. Point is, it's hilarious!

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Dead easy

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to 1. how to break the admin ...

get the prompt up start with

doesn't work

if not then AAA

if you get all the way to


Start again and try some numbers and symbols
or you could have missed a combination.


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that would take too long

by .Martin. In reply to Dead easy

screaming at it would be more effective...

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