1 ISP, 1 Router, 2 Servers in 1 Location

By john ·
Will that work? Any problem that you may foresee with this configuration? Thanks.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to 1 ISP, 1 Router, 2 Server ...

Could you be less specific please?

Will it work, I don't know. Depends on what router you are using (how do the servers connect to the router?) Depends on the ISP; is it cable, T1, OC12, ADSL? What cable type is the ISP providing? What are the servers function? What do you want to accomplish on the network? How secure does it need to be?

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That's Great

by abhishek321 In reply to 1 ISP, 1 Router, 2 Server ...

But please be specific about what server you are going to install

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by gdeangelis In reply to 1 ISP, 1 Router, 2 Server ...

This should be possible. Using nat on a firewall between your network and the isp. Like the others mentioned, you will need to provide more information. The main questions really focus around what hardware you have, your internet speed and what you expect out of your servers. If your servers or inbound access to them dictate certain levels of performance, your gear needs to match that. Same for security. You may opt for a dmz, and that will impact $.
Just need a few more specifics to give a better answer. Include what you have, and what you want to achieve.

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