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1 ISP, 2 Routers, 1 VPN, 1 Home Network

By s.arndt ·
I would like to split my Internet connection into two routers - 1 one for a work VPN that has a work assigned non-DHCP IP address range, and 1 for a home network. The work router is a 4 port Cisco 501 switch with a Aironet 1200 wireless router. The home is a linksys befw1154 4 port switch wireless router. Currently the linksys is setup as DHCP.

I put a 10/100 hub in between the cable modem and the two routers, and can get either router to work at one time but not both routers. I assume I can't do anything with the VPN router since it's setup by the network techs in the office and is secured from local setup access.

Any help appreciated.

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by wlbowers In reply to 1 ISP, 2 Routers, 1 VPN, ...

You need a second ip address from your ISP. One for each router.

Configure them with the separate addresses.

You could also put a Cisco 1600 at the front end and route the two wans.

Either way you have to get two paths to the internet. And you can't get that with one ip address.

Good Luck


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by CG IT In reply to 1 ISP, 2 Routers, 1 VPN, ...

well, you can split your public access internally but basically all your doing is subnetting. 3 routers. WAN into a router with a switch. from there 2 LANs who's WANs are connected to the switch. Each LAN side of the 2 routers are different subnets. That way you've created 2 networks both of whom are subnetwrks of the router that connects to the Internet.

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by parthiv_13 In reply to 1 ISP, 2 Routers, 1 VPN, ...

If you can ask your Network Techs to put one router of Office VPN in last. First comes modem then your hub or switch and then your Home router then give a port to the VPN router. So there can be only pipelining your Home router as a path provider. So may get that in one IP only.

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by hozcanhan In reply to 1 ISP, 2 Routers, 1 VPN, ...

if I were you , I would separate the two completely . For many reasons . You have all the equipment needed already .Turn off the office router, switch etc , unplug the net cable of the modem and connect to the home network . Or better buy a second ip from your isp and completely separate the two segments , since you have a work vpn . get rid of a lot of headache and security risks..

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by ricrei In reply to 1 ISP, 2 Routers, 1 VPN, ...

My question would be why, I have a Cable modem at home and I use it for two jobs. The router I have a Linksys 4 port, supports VPN passthrough so I can be logged into work using the VPN and still access the internet on my other computer at the same time. This gives me a simple setup and it is easy to manage.

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