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    1-Linux client 1-Linux Server how to setup for test lab?


    by blue screen ·

    new to Linux learning in the process.
    I have 1-Linux Client 1-Linux Server i want to setup a lab at home to try out Linux, setup a server for dhcp, Domain, DNS.
    I want to make my server a domain join my client to the domain, using dhcp and dns and possibly setup ftp and shared folders.
    Does anyone know a quick setup or any documents to links for this small setup, just a simple lab use is fine.
    many thanks.

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      Reply To: 1-Linux client 1-Linux Server how to setup for test lab?

      by toivo talikka ·

      In reply to 1-Linux client 1-Linux Server how to setup for test lab?

      I think your best bet is to install a distro like Fedora Core 4. The GUI installation will give you an opportunity to select either a desktop or a server installation. Install all options in each category and finetune it later, assuming that you have say 10GB disk space.

      If you want to select only some of the packages, you can select DHCP, DNS and FTP during the installation.

      What do you mean – domain? Are you planning to install the Samba server so that the Linux server will act as a Windows server? With the fully featured distributions like Fedora that is relatively easy.

      If your distribution has Webmin (, have a look at it first because it is an easy and intuitive administration interface. If your Linux server runs the Webmin service, you do not necessarily have to run the X server at all because you can fully manage your server by pointing your browser to port 10000 of your server.

      There are a couple of other useful tools if you want to access your server from a PC:

      – PuTTY from
      – WinSCP from

      These tools connect to Secure Shell (SSH), port 22. WinSCP allows you to easily transfer files between a PC and the Linux server.

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