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1 network card and 1 wireless card

By tim.steegstra ·
I have 1 network card and 1 wireless card that wont run at the same time....

My wireless card connects to the internet through a wireless router to a adsl modem.
My network card connects to my xbox which i ftp to.

the problem is, when both are connected the internet wont work. when i disable the wired network card the internet works fine.

its like when both are connected the computer doesnt know which one to use to get internet.

im running windows xp pro.

My ip i use for my xbox is
my gateway for wireless net is, and the router gives out ips automatically

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by pierrejamme In reply to 1 network card and 1 wire ...

I may be a little dense here but I always thought you either used 10.10.x.x for everything or you use 192.168.x.x for everything, not a combination.

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by TonytheTiger In reply to 1 network card and 1 wire ...

Did you check the resources each card uses and made sure there are no conflicts?

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by palclemmer In reply to 1 network card and 1 wire ...

I've experienced this problems before, there are a couple of things to do. One is to actually set both NICs statically, and make sure you're using different subnet masks as well as IP schemas for them, and set the IP of the router as the gateway for the Internet connection. (I usually right click on the connections in Network Connections and rename them so I can keep them straight) Then go to Control Panel -> Network Connections, and click the Advanced menu, and click Advanced Settings. Make sure your internet connection is your primary (top) connection. That should take care of it, otherwise there's a registry hack that can be done, but I don't have the information for that right here in front of me. Good luck.

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WOW this is easy

by garenbarnett In reply to 1 network card and 1 wire ...

Nobody thinks the obvious answer anymore,

This takes just one quick and easy step, first fix anything that the other people have told you then goto your network connections and select both your connections, Right Click and select bridge, and your done, now you can play mod your xbox with the internet, good luck dude

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same problem, tried bridging but did not work

by leo8888 In reply to WOW this is easy

trying to add a wireless nic for my dad since there are several open networks in the area. He already has two pc's connected by wired nics through a switch using static ip's on both machines. When I added the wireless I had no problems making a connection but could not get to the internet unless I changed the wired nic to use dynamic IP which breaks his lan connection. Tried bridging, lan worked but no internet. Tried setting static ips for all wired and wireless nics on same subnet as wireless router I connected to, 192.168.1.x, still no internet. Internet only works when lan connection is using dynamic ip's. This one is giving me a headache! Any suggestions? Thanks!

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