1 Nic 2 networks daisy

By robertoeh ·
Hi all,
it might look simple but here is the question. I have a pc that is conected to my work network with ip 192.168.111.x/24. Now, I want to connect this same pc to a DSL network via a router with ip 10.0.0.x.
What I first did was to connect the work network to LAN port, change the IP of the DSL to 192.168.111.x network, disable DHCP, disable uPnP and added 2 static routes to the next DSL hop and 192.168.111.x to the work gateway. I was able to connect to the internet and to the work network but the routing was always via the work network.
Now, I changed the gateway of my pc to the DSL router, so that it would manage the traffic. It worked fine.
Now the question. We have 3 pc in this room that have to go the same way as above and 2 of them I cannot add static gateways because they are laptops that go home everyday.
Please advice. Thanks for your help.

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add the static routes at the work gateway

by Churdoo In reply to 1 Nic 2 networks daisy

Do you have access to the work gateway to add the static route at the work gateway? This means a static route on your work gateway to send internet bound traffic to the DSL gateway. Obviously this will route internet bound traffic for the entire network giving all internet access through the DSL circuit, unless you narrow down the source to only the IP's of your 3x nodes.

Otherwise you could write small batch scripts to add the static routes when the users are at work and remove the static routes when they go home. Actually if you're using the ROUTE ADD command (assuming Windows lappies) then do not use the -P (persistent) switch and you only need to execute the script when the lappies are at work; when the users shut down the lappies to take them home, the routes will not be remembered on the next boot. When the users bring the lappies back to work, they hit the batch script to add the appropriate ROUTE(s) again.

The last option would be a separate router/subnet for your department to handle the appropriate routing.

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no access

by robertoeh In reply to add the static routes at ...

1st of all thanks churdoo for the prompt answer.
I don't have access to the work's router, so maybe I'll have to go with the second option. but there there is a problem too. I don't know if the guys with the laptops are that advanced to everytime they are at work to run the batch file. as as they canceled the server login a couple of months ago, I cannot add the batch to a login script
on my pc, a desktop, sure I can add the lines and -p too.

any other suggestions?

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You think they'll mess up a shortcut on their desktop?

by Churdoo In reply to no access

1. Create a batch file for them with the appropriate ROUTE ADD command (without the -P switch), and store the bat file in some directory on their C-drive
2. put a shortcut to the batch file on the desktop and make the shortcut read only
3. tell them "if you're at work and the internet is not working, double-click here"
4. make sure that they shut down the laptop versus standby or hibernate when they take their lappies from work to home, otherwise you'll have to create a second bat file with a ROUTE DELETE command for when they go home.

Hmmmm how about a batch file that's smart enough to figure out that they're at work and to add the ROUTE ADD command if it is at work, and/or it will ROUTE DELETE if they're not at work? This batch file you could put in their startup group or in the all users startup group.

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give it a try

by robertoeh In reply to You think they'll mess up ...

well, I'll give it a try, just need a couple of days because I'm kinda busy with the fish transfer.
Actually I was thinking of the batch file solution but I'm not sure they are that ... to run it everytime they will need it. What about this smart batch file? could something like "if IP == 192.168.111.x then internet.bat" work?
I will keep you posted. Thanks for the help
have a great weekend

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smart batch

by Churdoo In reply to give it a try

Assuming that work is the only place using the network, the smart batch file may look something like:

if find /c "192.168.111." != 0 < ipconfig goto atwork
ROUTE DELETE yadda yadda
goto done
ROUTE ADD yadda yadda
goto done

This is untested but it should get you started; you'll have to test the exact syntax.
Good luck

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Request for Clarification

by robertoeh In reply to add the static routes at ...

kinda lost here. when I tried the above batch file I got and error that got me stuck
/c was unexpected at this time.

C:\DOCUME~1\TS.ARDAG-PILOT1\Desktop>if find /c "192.168.111." != 0 < ipconfig go
to atwork

something wrong that I did?


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Request for Clarification

by robertoeh In reply to add the static routes at ...

Did not get online these last days, so I just wanted to thank you Churdoo for your help. I did opt for the batch file on desktop, and trying to make the laptop users try it if they want to get online easier.

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Connection routing

by oldbaritone In reply to 1 Nic 2 networks daisy

If I understand correctly, one machine is a desktop and the other two are laptops; you have a work LAN (presumably without internet access) and you have just added a DSL connection into the office/room to provide internet access?

Honestly, the mention of "I don't have access to work's router" and "they canceled my server login a couple of months ago" makes me wonder if "work" approves of this additional connection? If your offices needs internet access, maybe you should be coordinating this through your work's IT department instead of DIY with your own DSL? There are a multitude of ways that you may end up bridging the DSL connection into the work LAN, and IT may be very unhappy if that occurs.

If this is all truly legitimate, explain and justify to IT why you need internet access or additional bandwidth, and you should be able to get it. But I suspect that "work" may have a reason or policy why this is not being done, and if you're on your own trying to circumvent security, you're asking for trouble.

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by robertoeh In reply to 1 Nic 2 networks daisy

work does have an internet connection, the only problem is that we are wireless, some mile away, of the main office, and they are wireless linked to the internet (another mile away). this configuration give us a very slow connection. I did talk to the IT and in principle there is no problem to have such connection as long as it's secure. my question was that I did not want for the whole company to run on our DSL, which should be a backup connection for us.

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Another router, or have IT do the configuration on the current one

by oldbaritone In reply to 1 Nic 2 networks daisy

Then it's a little more tricky to do it in the work router, but it probably can be done there by setting up a static routing table in the router. That way, any machine that connects through it as the default gateway will have the routing handled automatically. You probably shouldn't post enough details on this forum, especially since you're wireless, but if you want to send a PM, we could discuss it offline.

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