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    1 router / 1 switch / different groups of users


    by according to hoyle ·

    A project i’m helping a business do.

    Multi group envirement, Group A, Group B, Group C. each group has 3-5 users each.

    I moved them from DSL over to broadband Cable.
    The DSL was a router, now they have a new router. it’s s Linksys BEFSR81. Which is a router and switch. I also hooked up 24port 10/100 Dell switch to the router that all the users are connected to now. Previous hook up was small 10meg hub, and 2 small switches.. I’m trying to “clean” up the network a little.

    So, currently I have the Linksys router from the cable modem, then the Dell 24 Port 10/100 switch connected to one port of the 8 port Linksys router/switch. I have enabled DHCP on the router starting at (default). So everything works just fine on the network.

    What they would like to do is Group A, Group B, Group C, just want to see each other on the network, it offers them some sort of security becuase they do file sharing with peer to peer. No Server on the network. Files are kept locally and shared. They don’t want other groups to see those files… or just anyone pluging into the network to have access to everything…

    I have read articles on subnetting.. but don’t know if this is my only choice…

    Thanks for you help..


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