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    1 Server, 2 Independent Networks


    by mkaylor ·

    I have 1 Win 2K3 Server with 2 Nics.


    2. GW:

    Logged onto the server I can see both networks. I can get to the Internet on the 2 network with no problems.

    Problem is PC’s on the 2 network can see the server but PC’s on the 1 network cannot.

    If I set a GW on the 1 network as well, then it stops allowing me to get to the internet from the server.

    What have I done wrong? Both networks are independent but both need access to the server.

    I have an Ubuntu machine setup this way and it seems to work beautifully.

    Thanks for the help,

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      things to try

      by mothershelper ·

      In reply to 1 Server, 2 Independent Networks

      first make sure you’re patched into the right port on the switch and that it allows multihoming

      try using the route add command to add the second static address in windows

      ideally with windows you want only one default gateway when you multi-home – it doesn’t do multiples well

      also be sure your metric for the second is highter than the first – or it disables ability to communicate outside it’s known subnets

      and disallow registering as DNS on that second NIC – that’ll getcha too

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