10/100/1000 Switch recommendation

By mikeliketrike ·
We're upgrading (finally) from a 10/100 network to 10/100/1000 and I've tentatively narrowed the search for switches to DLink (DGS-1224T) and Netgear's (GS724T-300NAS) 24 port managed options. We currently have some older Cisco switches, but upgrading to something comparable just isn't in the budget.

There doesn't seem to be a huge difference between them and I'm having a having a hard time deciding which one we should use to handle our network with 102 connections. There aren't too many reviews for the DLink out there and I can't find any for the Netgear.

Does anyone have any direct experience with either switch or at least something close to it? I'm leaning towards the Netgear because of their lifetime warranty, but warranties don't fix crappy firmware.

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Of the two...

by scndtnr In reply to 10/100/1000 Switch recomm ...

...I'd go with the Netgear; a lifetime warranty is a good thing. However, if management of the switch is not a necessity, you might want to consider Linksys.

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Cisco 3560

by p.phillip In reply to 10/100/1000 Switch recomm ...

I've worked with cisco 3560's for the last 3 years and they are proven to be very good. You can setup layer 3 functions and port security very easy with this switch..

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Too expensive for this budget year

by mikeliketrike In reply to Cisco 3560

A $10,000+ price tag to cover our 102 connections won't fit into this year's budget. $2,000 is much more appealing to my finance department and it's hard to justify paying an additional $8,000 for *functionally* the same thing.

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switch is a switch is a switch...

by CG IT In reply to 10/100/1000 Switch recomm ...

what you really have to decide is what you want the switch to do. Armed with that, you find switches that can do what you want them to do. Then if the choices of switches are equal, look at service, then price.

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Just to add this to the above

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to switch is a switch is a s ...

If the claimed performance is similar you need to look at the supplier and see who offers the better after sales service, who honors their warranty better and what the warranty actually is and then finally price.

if you go on price alone make sure to have a few extra unused units around to replace any that fail as you can not afford to be waiting a month to have the first switch int he chain replaced because that's how long it takes.


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