10/100 network

By Kiltie ·
I have a home network that is 10/100 capable. That is, it is supposed to run at 100 speeds, but never seems to.
Reading the Docs, it says that it reverts to the lowest connected device.

Fair enough, so I disconnected all the BNCs and left only the 100 capable network cards in, yet it sill runs at 10.

Any ideas folks?

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If you where running a Token Ring

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to 10/100 network

As part of the LAN it's quite likely that you have some of the Old 10 T Base LAN Cards in at least one computer. This will most likely be an IDE LAN Card but could be one of the original PCI Cards as they where all 10 T Base originally.

Also if you are using more than one Hub/Router/Switch if one is a 10 T Base that will bring your LAN down to the slowest network device fitted to avoid Packet crashes on the slowest device and errors occurring.


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Do you Aussies ever sleep?

by Kiltie In reply to If you where running a To ...

Thanks for the info mf, as I am rebuilding my network, I'll try an narrow the problem down , by using just 2 computers.

Congrats on the PHD with the sheep btw, but my Kiwi family tell different stories.......


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Actually it was about 6.30 AM when I posted that answer.

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Do you Aussies ever sleep ...

here I'm GMT - 10 hours so I thought that you where up really late.

Forget what you are told by Kiwi's and how they deal with sheep the Guilty never admit to their indiscretions just like any criminal they are always innocent. :)

BTW it was Neil who awarded me that Honorary PH.D so you can take it up with him provided that GG hasn't managed to locate and kill him for standing her up about a year ago now. He'll be able to put you on the straight & narrow about Kiwi's and their manner of dealing with sheep which I might add where stolen from AU in the early years of the New Zealand Settlement. On the long canoe voyage back to NZ the men couldn't restrain themselves from despoiling the sheep that they had stolen and it's continued from that point on wards.


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by 3xp3rt In reply to 10/100 network

Maybe some of your network component (Switch) is 10 Mbps. Or other possibility; your network card is set to 10 Mbps speed. (You can verify this on Network connection Properties, Connect using: Configure, Advanced, Link speed/Duplex mode)

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