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10 must annoying things

By jsbass ·
I hate when the startup program block everything,and the page error.Also the thing they say are free and you have to buy something.Thats not free.

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how about....

by PresidentMike In reply to 10 must annoying things

people who try to act intellectual and well informed about a subject only to suggest something like, "just restart it" every single time. yes it might fix it sometimes but its not a guaranteed fix.

or how about this one... the other day while I was at work (fixing computers at a tech bench) and I get a call on a computer that was passed down to me from another tech. the call was from the owner and he was, and I quote, "wondering if I needed help figuring out how to proceed with the data migration", from one thunderbird installation to another. Now I cant assume everyone on here knows the process but that simply does not matter. how are ya gonna call up the people you took your computer to for repairs and then call them up and ask them if they need assistance?

I know the wording on the second one was..... incorrect but Im currently at work and dun really have time to be articulate.

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Both annoying, yes.

by seanferd In reply to 10 must annoying things

What startup program (I am guessing you mean something that starts when the OS loads) blocks other apps?

Page errors browsing the internet? Get used to them.

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