10 page limit on a HP4240

By kkopp ·
I have an odd one for you.

My HP4240 will print perfectly for any file 10 pages long or less. Anything over that it prints the ten and from there it prints garbage. (You know those strings of characters at the top of a page indicating that the driver is wrong.)

I've reinstalled it and even moved it to a different server twice.

The problem started as a really sluggish printing, so I moved it to a newer server. Now it has this problem.

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by kkopp In reply to 10 page limit on a HP4240

One of the pages spits out this:
PCL XL error
Subsystem: userstream
Error: MissingData
Operator: 0xc8
Position: 35653

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A few things to check

by IC-IT In reply to Update...

If it worked well but slowly on one server I would suspect transport or cache settings.
Here is a post from a HP forum site.
If you check the settings and can't resolve it, try the alternate drivers route.

PCL6 (PCLXL) has a very strict protocol (which is why PCLXL errors are reported if the stream deviates from the expected), compared to PCL5, which might just print what it could (not necessarily what you expect) but without providing any feedback that an error has occurred, if the stream is corrupted in any way.

If you print the same file several times, do you always get the same error? Consistent (i.e. repeatable) PCLXL errors implies a PCL6 driver problem.

Intermittent PCLXL errors point more towards problems with the tranport (parallel port or network); check cables and network TIMEOUT settings.

If you use a PCL5 or PostScript driver, you should not get PCLXL errors (by definition), but then you might encounter different problems, or course

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by kkopp In reply to A few things to check

Thanks for your help.

I moved it to a server that wasn't running Ricoh printers on it and the problem cleared up. Looks like Ricoh and HP tend to conflict with each other's software. A real good reason for going with a single vendor for your equipment.

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