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10 Years on TR

I just happened to notice I surpassed 10 years in membership on Tech Republic. Wow, a lot has changed in 10 years.

If memory serves about this time a decade ago I was testing this new Microsoft operating system called Windows 2000. Not too long before it was supposed to be Windows NT 5.0, but Microsoft changed the product name. There was this other thing included called Active Directory...

Just one brief thought from 1999.

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Whoa, it has been 10 years, hasn't it?

by NickNielsen In reply to 10 Years on TR

For me, I was waiting for a new contract to be let so I could go back to work supporting Windows 3.1 and Windows 95, and trying to keep the desktop systems running until the Windows 98 rollout got to my building. In the meantime, I was delivering new monitors as part of a warranty support contract.

The desktop contract didn't arrive and my employer left with the job!

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Late 90s monitors

by JDSAL In reply to Whoa, it has been 10 year ...

Hopefully you didn't hurt your back delivering those massive monitors at that time. Seems to be about then most people were either getting 17 inch monitors or upgrading to 19 inch. Either way they were heavy.

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Seventeens were just coming on

by NickNielsen In reply to Late 90s monitors

It was mostly 15" monitors; I only had very few 17" and no 19" monitors. Plus I had a folding cart that held three monitors.

It was an interim thing and I was essentially the delivery man. I'd stop by the warehouse, get my route for the day, pick up the replacement monitors and load the car, drive to the sites, swap out the monitors, then return to the warehouse to pack the bad ones for shipment.

Most loads were only 8 or 9 units, but some sites were a couple hundred miles away, so I'd pack in as many as I could. I soon discovered that if I put the back seat down in my Escort hatchback, I could carry 12 15" monitors easily, and 14 in a pinch. (It's all in how you pack them in...) Made for a crowded car; the only open space was where the driver sat!

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by GSG In reply to 10 Years on TR

This time 10 years ago, I'd just made the transition to IT within the preceding year. Basically, I was an applications trainer, and a low-level application administrator. Then this thing called "Y2K" started, and in a month, I went from having no clue how to install an OS on a PC to upgrading 300 PCs, 15 live servers, 15 backup servers, and totally swapping out 1 system.

Talk about sink or swim! TR was my "go to" website. I solved quite a few problems here!

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10 years!

by Bizzo In reply to 10 Years on TR

A long time.

I was working in development then, writing COBOL, C and assembler for NT4, 95/98 and Aix.

Good times?

I have no idea!

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