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100% CPU usage

By k4k ·
My system running on Win2k Pro/Xp sometimes freezes with 100% cpu usage, with acrobat reader & sometimes with internet explorer .

there is no straight answer on any sites. whatz causing this behaviour & how do i solve this issue.

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by BFilmFan In reply to 100% CPU usage

Lack of memory resources is the usual explanation of 100% CPU utilization.

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by jonno112 In reply to 100% CPU usage

Are you using adobe 6? if you are update to adobe 7 there are serious issues with 6. I was having issues with 6 on all my clients systems once 7 was installed (Just an update) all worked fine.

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by rmankin10 In reply to 100% CPU usage

Corrupted install of programs. Most likely and virus are spyware on the problem.

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by wmr02 In reply to 100% CPU usage

Next time you restart your computer bring up task manager right away ( and leave it visible). Click on the processes tab and sort by CPU utilization. So that the highest utilization process is at the top. When the system crashses you will see which process is using the most CPU and this will help focus your research. BTW I had a similar issue (although no crash) when I added anti-spyware tools to my PC.

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help with you 99% cpu usage

by thamajickwan In reply to 100% CPU usage

well after a lil digging into the system i have discovered that lovely micro$ofts win xp system running at 99% is linked to acpi.sys+0x10b10
hmm opened regedit to see where exactly it was regestered to
a virus, spyware,worms , **** no micro$oft $earch a$$i$tant.
even though its part of the powermanagement (acpi.sys)
i searched for acpi.sys+0x10b10 on micro$oft$ website and it service temporarily unavailable and offers no help to its cu$tomers using window$ xp or older on it.... go figure.
well never the less untill i figure out out to fix the problem that micro$oft$ elite programmer$ should easily be able to fix ill offer this that is helping

download process explorer from the micro$oft website
go to the system line right click and select properties
select the cpu tab and it will be the one using mad cpu
at the bottom right side select suspend the pest

hope this helps with micro$ofts $hitty $uck your pocket$ dry with there $hiny new $oftware promotion $cam i belive there running with this $low but pretty VI$TA they offer now.

happy gamming/browsing/porn/whatever floats your boat

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