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100% CPU utlization

By k4k ·
win2k & Win2k3 freezes with 100% CPU utlization.
Sometime its IE sometimes its acrobar reader , & sometimes its tomcat.exe. these programes takes 99% of cpu time & systems freezes.

what cuases this behaviour & whatz the solution.

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by BFilmFan In reply to 100% CPU utlization

What other processes are running?

How much memory is in the system?

Anything showing up when you scan for malware or trojans?

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by SysAdminTech In reply to 100% CPU utlization

Troubleshooting advise, When this type of behavior ocurrs, try going into task manager and view your processes tab and look for the program that is hogging up your CPU usage. High light the program, then click on end process or look at your application tab and verify if any programs have stopped responding if so highlight the program and then click the End Task.

How to get to windows task manager.Right click on on an empty space on your windows tool bar then choose task manager.

FYI: System Idle Process is always on high, this is normal anything else could be abnormal and could be a virus.

Possible virus! Try running your virus software on safe mode, and make sure you have the latest virus definition file. Also try running MS antispyware, its free from MS website (I think its still free). Hope this helps!


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by crunchedtobite In reply to 100% CPU utlization

first of all, what is tomcat.exe? and do you really need to run it all the time? maybe you have too many applets loading when windows starts which loads oodles of items in your system processes that you may not need. these programs can be ended and called upon to start only when you want to use them. i try to keep my system processes to an absolute minimum. that is why i am here, looking for a way to identify these things. be careful what you end,(you can halt windows but it will start normally if you shut down and restart) you can do it by pressing control-alt-delete, in task manager--select the processes tab. close things only if you know what it is. but a better safer place to start is by
first check your start up folder--too many things there will cause alot of problems no matter how new and fast your pc is. every program you install assumes that you want to useit all the look in all the programs you install AS you install them...check properties or options and turn off the options for 'start this program when windows starts' and 'run program minimized in taskbar'. you can take shortcuts from your startup folder safely(drag n drop to your desktop is even safer--you can put them back if you want) right click on my computer and choose explore, start menu, programs, and find the start up folder..drag n drop what you don't want to your desktop. if something does not start that you want, just drag and drop back to the startup folder. you can also do this by right clicking on the taskbar and choosing properties, start menu, customize. (note:i am running winXP pro so your directions may differ a bit) free at zdnet there is freeware that will do this for you--go to zdnet downloads and search for 'startup' in utilities. i did not like'start up buddy' but i do have a 5 yr old pc, and i have it running very well. oh yea--turn off your screensaver in control, display.
good luck

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