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100 mb network cards

By Keith ·
on the network i am controlling all computers have 100mb network cards and hub is showing communication status as 100, however when we are pinging between computers only able to communicate @ 10mb , some help would be needed


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by sgt_shultz In reply to 100 mb network cards

huh. i wouldn't test with ping. i would retest with timed file transfers...
you just curious or investigating because of slowness?

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by fcrammond In reply to 100 mb network cards

There are several thing to look at - are the nics set for full or half duplex; are the wires running near any power sources, etc. You might want to look at the info at

very interesting stuff.

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by debian In reply to 100 mb network cards


If you are using switch you can set that switch in autonegotiation mode it will run automaticall

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by ctmoore1998 In reply to 100 mb network cards

Just because your hub and NICs are 10/100 doesn't mean that you will be able to run at 100mb, by default NICs and HUBs will 'handshake' to determine the best speed to run at. This is 'auto negotitation' if your NICs are reporting 10mbs connection then they see the CATV connection runs best at this speed, attempting to force the connection faster may result in degraded network performance. If your CATV cable was professionally installed they should have tested each run to run at 100mb speeds. If you have an old network upgrade to 100 mb equip your CAT cable may only be CAT III which only supports 10mb speed. If it is CATV rated cable then twists, kinks and/or excessive coils of cable can prevent 100mbs operation, also Cable runs too close to electrical and/or lighting can cause issues. I've seen several CATV and CATVe cable runs that would only support 10mb connections because of the way they were run.

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by guozq In reply to 100 mb network cards

There are several thing to look at the Operation system set for full or half duplex,or signal molest.

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by TrollGod In reply to 100 mb network cards

its probably either a problem with your cable i would probably get a tester and check the cable and make sure your modem is working at 100 mbps

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