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1000 vs100mbps uplink to fibre backbone

By meeva ·
Hello my organisation has a Lan with a fibre optic backbone. The previous uplinks to the backbone are at 100mbps. We wanted to buy better switches with 1000mbps uplinks to the fibre. Will this affect the perfomance of the network please help

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by mshavrov In reply to 1000 vs100mbps uplink to ...

The answer really depends on how havy is your traffic. It definetely will not hurt your performance, but if you want to do a research first...

First of all, how many end PCs are connected to each access switch? 24? 48? Each PC has 100 Mbit connection to the access switch. If two PCs download a big file from the server at the same time, your "uplink" will hare it's 100 Mbit bandwidth between them. If you have more PCs doing the same things, your uplink will be shared between all of them.

In real life it's really small chance that all PCs will use it's own 100Mb connections for te 100% at the same time. Usually PC's ethernet link is utilized for 1-5%. But sometimes "the burst" may happen and upgrading your uplink to 1 Gbit will help with that.

Another thing to consider - connection from your servers to the backgone. If you have 1000 users hitting the same server with their 100 Mbits, while the server has 100 Mbits too, it may be bigger bottleneck than your backbone.

From the practical standpoint, you may either check your port utilization on your switches (if they are capable to provide this type of information), or buy/rent a network analizer to see your uplinks utilization. If you have your uplinks utilized for 50% or more (even for a short period of time), you should think about upgrading your uplinks.

Good luck,

Michael Shavrov
CCNP, CCDP, CCSP, Cisco Voice, MCSE W2K, MCSE+I, Security+, etc.

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by meeva In reply to 1000 vs100mbps uplink to ...

24 machines are connected to the switches. If the previous core switches were had 100 mbps speed fx ports if we use 1000mbps uplinks would it imply we change the core switches

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